TGMS Weekly Update

May 4, 2020

Message from Mrs. Jackson

Hello Toll Gate Middle School Families! I hope that you are staying safe and healthy as we end the 2019-2020 school year. The last day of school is May 22. All student assignments can be found in your child's Google classrooms. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a TGMS staff member.

Teacher Appreciation Week

We have some pretty amazing teachers at TGMS! Let's celebrate our wonderful TGMS teachers the week of May 4-May 8 by having your child send their teachers a quick note of thanks via email.

We will have one last opportunity for families to pick up any student materials, medications, art work or lock in t-shirts at TGMS, Tuesday, May 5 from 5 -7 pm. Any remaining items will be disposed of after 7:00 pm, May 5. Thank you!

Interested in joining Band or Orchestra?

Hello Toll Gate 5th Grade Families!

We are so excited to offer your rising 6th Grader an incredible opportunity next year to join the 6th Grade BAND and ORCHESTRA programs! These are INCREDIBLE programs that offer your student the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and make music together with their friends! These classes are during the school day! Usually, we demonstrate each of these instruments in-person during the school day, but due to our school closure, we are introducing our programs for next fall to you virtually. Check out these videos below that introduce our programs, and visit these website links to learn more and sign-up as interested! We hope to hear from you by Friday, May 8th!

Band Intro Video:

Orchestra Intro Video:

Recruitment Video Intro

Join the Band! - Sign-Up and Learn More at Our Website:

Join the Orchestra! - Sign-Up and Learn More at Our Website:

These are AWESOME opportunities for your student!

Update on Grading for Remainder of 2019 2020


  • K-4 instruction will continue with the use of “Blizzard Bags” until the end of the year. The last set of Blizzard Bags will emphasize a number of things students can work on over the summer. Students will still be able to access i-Ready, ST Math, and other district programs during the summer, if they have available technology.
  • Grades 5-12 — we will continue to use Google Classrooms to push out instruction, as well as Google Hangouts and other district programs that are available. Nothing has changed in this area since the initial closure in March.

Final Grading

  • The district understands the importance of grades to our families and we believe PLSD students deserve to be recognized for the hard work they completed while classes were in session, as well as what they completed during the COVID -19 closures.
  • K-5 will report marks as usual, using a Standards-Based Achievement Record. Grade/content levels have identified essential learning or focus standards for the last grading period and have been collecting evidence of learning. Some standards won’t be assessed and will be marked “I” as having insufficient evidence. This will be communicated to stakeholders virtually and in written form, which will be sent out with the next set of Blizzard Bags. This is not a big change to the way standards-based reporting has always been done.
  • Grades 6-12 will be graded using a P (Passing) or I (incomplete) for the last grading period. This decision was made for the following reasons:
    • Students are experiencing a great amount of stress during the COVID-19 closure, which impacts learning and academic achievement and success.
    • Students’ performance most likely reflects things like access to technology, Wifi, food, adequate housing, security, and the assistance of an able-bodied person at home to provide support.
    • We are depending upon grading experts and suggestions from ODE. The state is relying on the professionalism, fairness and reasonable judgment of principals and educators in making determinations relative to the assignment of grades to students.
  • We looked at examples from other districts, considered what was equitable, and guidance from ODE to develop a plan to calculate final grades.
  • A student should receive a “P” if, at the time school was closed during the COVID-19, he/she was meeting minimum standards in a course/grade. Any student who was NOT meeting minimum standards in the course up to that point should have the opportunity to fulfill the requirement remotely and receive a “P” for the course. If a student is unable to meet the requirement for any reason, they should receive an “I” for the course and a plan should be developed to provide sufficient opportunity for the student to fulfill requirements no later than September 30, 2020.
  • Reynoldsburg, Dublin and Worthington are awarding 4.0 quality points for a “P.” If the class is weighted, the 4.0 will be adjusted for weighting. We have made the decision to follow the same guidelines.
  • Students who receive an “I” will have until September 30, 2020 to submit work. They will be provided a clear list of what they need to complete to move to a “P.” If a student does not complete the work by September 30, 2020, the grade will be changed to an F.

Lakeview Boy's Golf

Boy's Golf Information

Interested in a safe and life-long sport? The boy's golf program may be for you.

Tryouts begin on August 1st, please contact Head Coach Steve Schill for more information or fill out the following form.

Lakeview Boy's Cross Country

If your son is looking for a sport that is centered around hard work, camraderie, and self- improvement then cross country is the sport for him. This is a life-long sport that preaches academic as well as athletic achievement. A summer schedule will be available shortly. Please check the parent newsletter as more information becomes available.

pnxc promo (1).mp4

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Coach Starkey -


May 5 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm Last pick up time for student materials at TGMS

May 22 Last day of class for students

Please be sure all school fees and obligations are current.