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"We must teach more by example than by word."

St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop

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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

Harmony Week is an opportunity for us all to celebrate our vibrant multicultural country. On Monday we celebrated Harmony Week where we acknowledged the many nationalities that make Australia a great Nation. What a great way for our students to celebrate by seeing students in National costumes or wearing orange. Thank you parents for all the outfits! Perhaps next year we can have a national food day.

Our School Board is in the consultation phase for the development of our School Strategic Plan for 2019-2021. It is a once in 3-year opportunity to have your say on the direction and priorities for the school, child learning and our community. I encourage all families to complete the survey.

We have many families signed up for the URSTRONG Friendship Workshop tonight and trust both parents and children will benefit from it. This is a great opportunity for families to look at how to develop friendship strategies with their children.

The Circle of Security Parenting Program commenced on Monday. Many thanks to Hilary for running this program for members of our school community.

Our Dads of St Columba’s (DOSC) have launched their footy tipping (Go Fremantle!) and are gearing up for Camp Out on 6 April – please get your forms in.

A reminder that those families wishing to pay their fees in full will need to pay prior to the 29 March 2019 in order to receive the discount.

We continue to accept enrolments for Kindergarten 2021. If you know of any interested families, please encourage them to contact us.

God bless.

Allen McMahon


What a Week!

Important Dates for Next Week

Friday 22 March

  • Year 4 Assembly at 8:50am

Monday 25 March

  • Halogen Leadership Conference - Year 6 Students
  • Circle of Security with Hilary Campos - 6pm to 9pm - Fr Brennan Centre

Merit Awards

Congratulations to all our Merit Award recipients last Friday.

Merit Award Recipients - 29 March Assembly

Year 1B - Charlotte

Year 1O - Arabelle

Year 2C - Ava, Duke

Year 2F - Matthew, Agatha

Year 3B - Chayse, Giselle

Year 3P - Tiago, Ella, Jack

Year 4D - Max, Lola

Year 5B - Edith

Year 6P - Emma

Student Immunisation Up to Date Records Required

We are required to prepare a report for our System and the Government outlining student immunisation records.

All families are requested to supply the school with an updated immunisation record for each of their children.

You can access a vaccination record from the AIR (Australian Immunisation Register) in several way.

  1. Print a copy of your (or your child's) Immunisation History Statement using your Medicare online account through myGov or Express Plus Medicare mobile app.
  2. Call the AIR on 1800 653 809 and request a copy be posted to you.
  3. Email

Your attention to this request by the end of this term will be very much appreciated.

Forms are to be handed to the School Office.

St Columba's Code of Conduct

This week we will look more closely at Statement 4.

‘You conduct yourself in accordance with laws, agreements, policies and standards relevant to your relationship with the school community.’

Our relationship with other members of the school community is defined by whatever written or verbal agreement has given rise to that relationship. If you are a member of staff, it is your employment agreement. If you are a parent or acting in a parental capacity, it is the student’s enrolment agreement. If you are a member of the school board, it is our school board constitution. If you are a visitor, it is in accordance with the permission of the Principal to be on school grounds on condition that you act safely and competently.

If anyone witnesses the unlawful or unsafe conduct of any member of the school community or a breach of this Code, whether in teaching, administration, school support services or while engaging with students in person or via digital or other media, we have both a responsibility and an obligation to notify such conduct to the Principal.

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Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021: Have Your Say

We are currently in the consultation phase for the development of our school strategic plan for 2019 - 2021. It is a once in 3-year opportunity to have your say on the direction and priorities for the school, child learning, and our community.

The survey can be accessed via the following link. .

You can also scan the QR reader to begin the survey.

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and closes on Friday 5 April 2019.

All feedback will be collated and Committee will communicate the results and how this information will inform the strategic direction and plan for the school.

We would love to hear from the majority, if not all the families in the school community.

Strategic Plan Committee

Kindergarten Enrolment 2021 - Close 29 March

Applications for Kindergarten are now being received to attend in 2021.To attend Kindergarten in 2021 your child needs to have been born between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017.

Please submit your completed application form, together with a copy of your child's Birth Certificate, Baptism Certificate and Immunisation records to the school office.

Application for Enrolment forms are available from the School Website and the school office.

Project Compassion - 100% Hope

Peter from Solomon Islands

Sixteen-year-old Peter goes to a boarding school in the Solomon Islands which has experienced water shortages for 60 years. Previously students would have to walk kilometres each day in search of clean water. This was particularly challenging for Peter who is living with a disability.

However much more needs to be done to improve access to reliable water and sanitation in the Solomon Islands.

To read more of Peter's story follow this link.

2019 St Columba's Swimming Carnival

Last Thursday at Riverton Leisureplex students from Years 3 to 6 attended the St. Columba’s Swimming Carnival. The students represented their faction over various swimming strokes, distances, relays and novelty games. The students were wonderful sports people cheering their faction and competitors on.

At the end of the carnival it was Casey, who again for a third year in a row, proved themselves worthy to win the Carnival and trophy. Students that qualify (reserves if required) for the ASCS Interschool Swimming Carnival have been emailed today.

A special thank you to any parent helpers and supporters who attended the event.

The results of the carnival are as below.

Year 3 Girls Runner Up - Cassandra (Casey)

Year 3 Girls Champion - Genevieve (MacKillop)

Year 3 Boys Runner Up - Tiago (MacMahon)

Year 3 Boys Champion - Chayse (McMahon)

Year 4 Girls Runner Up - Sophia (Casey)

Year 4 Girls Champion - Scarlett (MacKillop)

Year 4 Boys Runner Up - Finley (MacKillop)

Year 4 Boys Champion - Christian (Casey)

Year 5 Girls Runner Up - Claudia (McMahon)

Year 5 Girls Champion - Matilda P (MacKillop)

Year 5 Boys Runner Up - Connor (McMahon)

Year 5 Boys Champion - Lachlan(MacKillop)

Year 6 Girls Runner Up - Sienna M (Casey)

Year 6 Girls Champion - Chanelle (McMahon)

Year 6 Boys Runner Up - Xavier (McMahon)

Year 6 Boys Champion - Oliver (Casey)

First Place - Casey with 510 points.

Second Place - McMahon with 470 points.

Third Place - MacKillop with 464 points.

Leigh Chatt

Physical Education Specialist

Harmony Day Assembly

A big thank you to the students, parents and teachers for their excellent participation in the Harmony Day Assembly.

It was wonderful to see the beautiful traditional costumes as well as the sea of orange that supported the Harmony Day message "EVERYONE BELONGS".

Special thanks to Mr P for his endless patience helping with the set up. Mrs Govorko and Mrs Shaw for helping with the display, and the lovely Mrs McDonald for getting the children ready to sing so beautifully and enthusiastically.

This year more than ever the message that EVERYONE BELONGS is so very important as we support our NZ neighbours. This generation of students are a shining light to a harmonious future.

Many thanks.

Sandra Malarkey


On Monday the whole school attended the Harmony Day Assembly. It started with the choir singing ‘Everyone Belongs’. Then Mrs Malarkey and some girls from Year 6 began the introduction. Our new Korean teacher, Mrs Minkyung Kang, talked about her country and everyone sang a song in Korean. Some girls and boys also displayed the traditional outfit, the Hanbok. We all finished with the song ‘I Am Australian’ while waving our paper hands that we decorated in class. It was great to see children wearing their national costumes or orange clothing.

Charlotte and Guinevere

Year 6 Class

Library Roster

Monday 25 March - Jamie Horner

Wednesday 27 March - Mary Donovan

Thank you to all our parent volunteers.

Sandra Malarkey (Teacher Librarian)

Alice Shaw (Library Officer)

Musician of the Week

Chloe, in Year 4, is the Musician of the Week. Chloe plays the piano. She has been playing the piano for 2 years. Her teacher is Jordan Moore. Her favourite piece is 'Carol of the Bells'. Her favourite performance is the talent show at the end of the year. Other than playing the piano, her hobbies include playing with her cats, doing gymnastics and singing in the school choir. In the future she would like to play the flute.

Skyla and Layla

Year Art Ministers

Artist of the Week

Amelia from Pre-Primary is the Artist of the Week. She was chosen because of the excellent hat she designed for the Dr Seuss character, the Cat in the Hat. Amelia’s favourite thing about art is painting. She likes to paint everything! She also likes clay because it is soft. To make her Cat in the Hat art work, Amelia used oil pastels, markers and pencil. She took lots of time to draw her very detailed patterns.

Skyla and Layla

Year 6 Art Ministers

ASCS Interschool Cricket Carnival

On 13 March at Tompkins Park selected students in Year 5 and all Year 6 students attended the ASCS Interschool Cricket Carnival. The students represented St. Columba’s in separate girls and boys teams over five T20 style games, competing with five other schools.

The Boys A Division finished in fourth place. The individual Girls A Division team finished third and the individual Girls B Division team finished in fourth place. Our overall effort in the competition was exceptional and many who have never played cricket competitively rose to the challenge.

Our teams continually showed their high standard of cricketing skills with only falling short by just 1 run against some of the top teams. A special thank you to any parent helpers and supporters who attended the event. We are proud of our student’s efforts displaying their cricketing abilities and being excellent representatives of their school.

Well done!!!

Leigh Chatt

Physical Education Specialist

URSTRONG Workshops - Tonight

URSTRONG’s Language of Friendship parent-child workshops tonight, Thursday 21 March, in the school undercover area.

Two sessions:

Year's 1 and 2 - Language of Friendship (Junior)

5pm to 6:30pm

Year's 3 to 6 - Language of Friendship

7pm to 8.30pm

Waste Wise News - Recycling Target

Switch the school or your workplace paper to 100% recycled, Australian made, and if possible, carbon neutral.

Doing so means your workplace is:

  • Saving precious resources: recycled paper uses less energy and less water in the production process and keeps paper as a natural resource in circulation for as long as possible;
  • Stimulating the Australian circular economy:creating a demand for the very things we teach our kids to recycle;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (a major contributor to climate change): from eliminating overseas transportation and landfill disposal;
  • Diverting resources from landfill: sending paper to landfill is a wasted resource.

Erin Shaylor and Brianna Bechelli

Waste Wise Coordinators

Pastoral Care Group

The St. Columba’s Pastoral Care Group has been running for over 3 years and aims to provide caring support within our school community. It provides confidential, appropriate, and timely assistance for families in their time of need. This Christian example will allow our students to witness their parents serving and supporting others in our community.

The Pastoral Care Group is able to provide:

  1. Meal support to those in need. This will be achieved by providing fresh meals as required, made by volunteers within the school community.
  2. If required the Pastoral Care Group can organise pickup/drop off to and from school for the children.
  3. Canteen vouchers can be arranged to ease the burden of lunches for the children as well as some frozen sandwiches, cakes and yoghurts.

The Pastoral Care Group has three points of contact.

Parent Class Representatives usually seek contact with the Pastoral Care Group when a need is identified.

A list is held of volunteers who are willing to assist with this confidential service. Volunteers are contacted by either Angela or Jenny when needed.

To Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer to cook a meal or two throughout the year, please contact Lorraine, Jenny or Angela. Your assistance is really appreciated!

Parish News

The Sacramental Commitment Mass last Saturday night was a wonderful opportunity for the Sacramental Candidates to focus on preparation for their Sacrament. For the Year 3 students this is their first Sacrament since Baptism. That was especially meaningful for me, as I Baptised many of these students. I also appreciated seeing so many grandparents for the occasion. I thank them for their prayerful support for their grandchild. Parents please give your time to assist your child by sharing your own hopes and memories of receiving your Sacraments.

During Lent, we are praying the Stations of the Cross at 5pm. This is an ideal way of keeping up a prayer focus for Lent.

Sunday Masses at St Columba’s Church are Saturday Vigil at 6pm and Sundays at 7.30pm and 9.3oam.

May God bless you all.

Monsignor Brian O’Loughlin

Parish Priest


Dear Parents and Carers

The P&F Committee are keen to hear your feedback and interest in possible upcoming events for the school. We would be most grateful if you could please complete the below survey (one per family) by next Friday, 29 March. It should only take 3 minutes to complete.

If your surname starts with A to M, please use the following link:

If your surname starts with N to Z, please use the following link:

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Kind regards

St Columba's P&F

DOSC's 2019 Footy Tipping Competition

First game is tonight!

Weekly and end of year prizes up for grabs!

Thursday March 21 – get registered:

1. Pay $20 per family at the Office.

2. Receive the registration code.

3. Register online:

Davide Palermo

Footy Tipping Coordinator

DOSC's Camp Out - Saturday 6 April

It is fast approaching that time of the year when the dads and kids 'Camp Out' overnight on the school oval.

When: Saturday 6 April

Where: Lower Oval, St Columba's Primary School

Cost: $15 per Family (Cash Only to the School Office with RSVP.)

For all the details and the RSVP form that is to be completed and returned to the School Office no later than Friday 29 March for organisational purposes.

If you would like any further information on the Camp Out please contact Dave Palermo on 0412249002 or email:

P&F Visitors Car Bay Raffle - Term 2

The P&F will be selling tickets for the Term 2 Visitors Car Bay Raffle in the last week of this term.

Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

Entertainment Books 2019/20

The P&F are once again selling the Entertainment Book ($70) to raise funds. The P&f receives $14 commission for each book sold. Please click here for the Online Order Page to order your digital book. If you prefer a hard coy of the Entertainment Book, we will advise when they are available from the school office.