Week of March 10-14, 2014

Formative Observations

Lesson plans must be available when the formative observation is completed. Place them in a prominent place (desk, kidney shape table). Thank you!


The College & Career Ready Performance Index is the new state accountability report. Scores for the 2012-2013 school year were made public a couple of weeks ago. Points from Achievement (Content Mastery, Post School Readiness, and Graduation Predictors), Progress, Achievement Gap Closure, and ED/EL/SWD Performance make up the total score.

Arcado's total score was 97.3!!! The average for Georgia's elementary schools was 83.4.

For more information on CCRPI go to:

GCPS Media Protocol

Just a reminder that our school district has a media protocol. School employees do not talk with the media unless approved the by district first.

Faith Based Organizations- an invitation to Area Board Meetings

The school system is wanting to personally invite local faith based organizations to the area board meetings this Spring. If you attend a church, synagogue, temple, etc. in this area would you provide me with the name of the organization, contact person, and address. Use the survey link below.

Certified Staff: Staff Development Make Up Days

Teachers, it is my intention that the following plan for making up the two staff development days will answer the many questions I have received.

When we think of a traditional staff development day...we think about 3-4 hours of staff development & then the rest of the day is left to work on your own in your classroom. We will keep with that expectation in making up these missed hours/days.

General Ed/Classroom Teachers along with IRR, ESOL, & Gifted Teachers- will work together as a grade level to begin "working on the work" for next school year. Begin developing instructional calendars, lesson plan development, differentiated instruction, common assessments, and embedding technology into everyday instruction. I recommend that you meet together as a group to discuss how you will organize this work. I have no problem with you using the "divide & conquer" method, which would provide a flexible schedule for all members of the grade level.

IRR, ESOL, & Gifted Teachers are vital to this process as we move into planning for next year. As I shared during Thursday's staff meeting, a focus for mathematics district wide next year is differentiated instruction. Your knowledge will be a great support to the general education setting.

Special Area Teachers, SLPs, Media, LSTC, SC Special Ed. Teachers- will work independently to plan for their programs.

You may use before school hours, after school hours, Saturdays, and days after school is officially complete. You must have your hours made up prior to June 6.

The building will be open the following Saturdays from 8:00am-4:00pm:

March 29, April 26, May 17.

The building will also be open the week of May 27-30 & June 2-6 8:00am-4:00pm.

Classified Staff: Make Up Days

Your make up days are a little more complex to explain in writing for all to understand. I will be calling meetings this week for each group of classified staff members (special education parapros, Kindergarten parapros, school nutrition, custodial, & office staff) to explain what is required.


A Look At Next Week

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Student Discipline

Continue to discuss discipline expectations with your students. Don't forget that "actions speak louder than words" so ALL OF US must be serving as role models and expectation setters.