Notes from The Learning Lab

Robots, Special Programs, and More (2 Weeks Worth)


The Long Awaited Science Work is Here...

Scientists this week enjoyed working in small groups to research and use the design process for robots. As a group, they chose a type of robot to study and used the scientific design process to gather information for a mini- presentation to share with the class.

This past week, groups were able to get their robotics kits out and begin building a test bed. There was a buzz of activity in the lab.

This type of work takes all of those 21st Century Skills the students have been practicing- Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication. These are so important in this process as well as real life.

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The PLTW Robotics Kits

Flipagram - January 31, 2016

Math Inquiry Projects

Math Project

Slingshots and Math?

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Math Workshop

Kimmel (5th Grade)- Students have been working hard on exponents, exponential notation, order of operations and learning mathematic games to make concepts and math thinking stick.

Jones (6th Grade)- Students have worked this week on deepening understandings for plotting transformations, congruence of shapes, and learning about how a transversal line helps identify corresponding angles.

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Special Areas- Music, Art, P.E.

Music for Middle School!

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The Talk about Choices and Forms

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The Big Day!

Trying On Band and Orchestra

The Beautiful Sounds of the Oboe

Abby Trying the Oboe

What are kids doing in music class now?

A Peek into Music Class

Even Peaches Dances

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Folk Dancers

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Folk dancing with Peaches

A Peek into Art



Jump rope for Heart Interviews

The D.A.R.E Program Started Last Week

Students learn about drug and alcohol safety as well as making good decisions.

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Writing Workshop

Writing Nonfiction
Writers over the past two weeks continued their research and added to their thinking and fact gathering about their topic of interest. Some groups are nearing the end of their research and are ready to move on to drafting their article. In a small group, some writers started trying out different styles of beginnings. Ask your child what she or he is researching and writing about in class.
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Reading Workshop

Story Seekers
Readers are reading a great variety of books. We have had students reading everything from nonfiction about WWE wrestlers to fictional series such as the Maze Runner, Divergent, Lunar Chronicles, Big Nate and more books independently. We continue teaching stamina with a balance of response as well as nonfiction features. We are still studying Allan Zullo as a writer and really focusing on our thinking as readers of any genre.

Grace's Independent Book

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Allan Zullo Interviews
Reading Talk
Book Talks and Comedy

Types of Responses

Paper Towns

Fun Pics of Happy Kids

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Elizabeth Being Cool

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