"What Good looks like" in Math

What does good math instruction look like?

"Research suggests it is not necessary for teachers to focus first on skill development and then move on to problem solving. Both can be done together. Skills can be developed on an as-needed basis, or their development can be supplemented through the use of technology. In fact, there is evidence that if students are initially drilled too much on isolated skills, they have a harder time making sense of them later" Read This article to see What good looks like in Math.

Do your teachers understand how to lead productive classroom discussions?

It matters what you say and how you say it! This book chapter helps teachers understand what "talk moves" are essential to use as they involve students in Number Talks.

See how LA structures the first 10 days of math instruction:

Are your teachers beginning to do "Number Talks/ Math Talks?"

This rubric can be used as a tool to help teachers understand how they can add to their skills in leading number talks.
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