Technology Tips

November/ December

About me

Hello everyone, I am very excited to work with all of you. I am new to the Technology Services department. I have spent the last six and a half years teaching Social Studies at Sun Valley Middle School. I am married to Jaime Evans who teaches 2nd grade at Benton Heights Elementary School and we have two beautiful daughters Anabelle (5) and Haizel (2).

Please feel free to contact me for any reason. I am here to assist you with whatever technology needs you may have. I am willing to meet with individual teachers, groups of teachers, or come into your classes and help you teach lessons.

Student Username and Password Look-up

Follow the steps below in order to look up an individual student's username and password:

1. Go to (right click and choose "Open in a new tab")

2. On the left hand side, click "Student Username Lookup" (Third option from the bottom).

3. When the next page appears, click on Login in the top right hand corner.

4. On the login page, your username is your firstname.lastname and your password is the same as your computer login.

5. After logging in, click "Student Username Lookup" on the left hand side.

6. On the next page, select "Search for Individual Student" on the left hand side.

7. At the top of the Lookup page, enter the appropriate information to search for your student's username and password the click Search.


Many of you have noticed the option for "Experiencing the new Google Drive" and have already switched to this new user interface. For those of you who are still using the older Drive option, you may want to familiarize yourself with what is different in the "new Drive" because Google will eventually switch everything to the new style. You can "Meet the new Google Drive" by watching the 2 minute video below.
Meet the new Google Drive