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Tigers live in northern and southern parts of Asia.
Tigers that live in northern parts of Asia are heavier than other tigers for warmth.


Tigers like to eat large animals such as antelope and large deer.
They also eat smaller animals such as turtles and frogs.

Unique Features

A tiger can rub it's back against a tree or log and leave off scent messages.
The scent messages tell another tiger to stay away because there is danger.


Tigers walk on all four legs.
When they go hunting they pounce on their prey to kill it.


A tiger has a pattern of stripes using the colors orange, black, and white.
Every tiger has a different pattern of stripes.


A tiger protects itself by killing the predator.
Then the tiger eats the carcass.

Hunting for Prey

A tiger is sneaking up on it's prey.
Then it will pounce on it's prey to kill it.


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by Julia Barnes