NHS Counseling News

October 4, 2018

Financial Aid Night

Wednesday, Oct. 10th, 6pm

10625 Parsons Road

Johns Creek, GA

Meet in the Theater.

Important Facts About HOPE Scholarships

If you would like to qualify for the Georgia HOPE Scholarship please be aware that in addition to earning a minimum 3.0 GPA as calculated by the GSFC (Georgia Student Finance Commission), you must meet basic eligibility requirements AND academic rigor requirements. The GSFC does not weight honors courses. Students must complete four full credit hours in academically rigorous courses from the list below:

1. Advanced math, such as advanced algebra and trigonometry, math III, taken at the high school, or an equivalent or higher course taken for degree level credit at an Eligible Postsecondary Institution;

2. Advanced science, such as chemistry, physics, biology II, taken at the high school, or an equivalent or higher course taken for degree level credit at an Eligible Postsecondary Institution;

3. Foreign language courses taken at the high school, or taken for degree level credit at an Eligible Postsecondary Institution; or

4. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or Dual Credit Enrollment courses in Core subjects

Seniors – It is essential that you check to see if your correct Social Security number is on file with Northview. An incorrect SS number can impact getting the HOPE. You cannot qualify for HOPE without an official Social Security number.

Checking Your HOPE GPA

If you meet the HOPE rigor requirements, the GSFC will calculate your HOPE GPA. You can access that information through the GAFutures.org web site. If you already have a GA Futures account, you will need to set up your profile and provide your high school name, Northview, and your Social Security number. Northview sends the transcript data to GSFC periodically throughout the year. If your social security number is correct and you've met the HOPE rigor requirements and data has been uploaded from Northview, you should be able to access your HOPE GPA. If you are a senior and cannot access this information, then it's time to investigate why not.

Parent Survey of Counseling Needs

We'd like to hear what parents have to say about how the counseling department is meeting parent and student needs. Please complete the online survey .

Are You Taking a Full Year Online Class?

If you are taking classes with Fulton Virtual or Georgia Virtual Schools, you must go online and register for spring semester classes now. Many of you are taking the Part A of a full year class and still need to register for Part B which is in the spring.

Freshman - Sophomore Parent Night Presentation

For those of you who could not make it to the Freshman-Sophomore Parent Night, here's a link to the presentation: https://www.northviewcounseling.com/9th-10th-rising-9th.

College Test Prep

The Princeton Review offers after school ACT and SAT test prep at Northview High School.

Dual Enrollment Students - Important Deadlines

Dual enrollment students, if you plan to take dual enrollment again in the spring, you must complete another SPA (Student Participation Agreement) and request funding through the GAFutures web site by Nov. 30. The SPA must be signed by your counselor and you must submit to the college and receive confirmation that they have it by Nov. 30. Also, you MUST register for class by December 14 or you will not be allowed to participate in Dual Enrollment. If you attend Gwinnett Tech, then you must also reapply to Gwinnett Tech.

College Visits

Students can register to attend these information sessions held during the school day. Registration and a complete list of schools is available at https://www.northviewcounseling.com/college-visits.

Oct. 9 - 19, 2018

  • Agnes Scott College (GA)
  • Kennesaw State University (GA)
  • Emory University (GA)
  • Georgia Southern University (GA)
  • Mississippi State University (MS)
  • Johns Hopkins University (MD)
  • Gwinnett Technical College (GA)
  • Chapman University (CA)
  • Hofstra University (NY)
  • University of Kentucky
  • Georgia Southwestern State University (GA)
  • Samford University (AL)
  • Princeton University (NJ)
  • Wofford College (SC)
  • Furman University (SC)
  • Saint Louis University (MO)
  • University of Southern California (CA)


As the counseling office receives information on scholarships and other types of student opportunities, we will post the information to our web site at https://www.northviewcounseling.com/scholarships.

Atlanta STEM College and Career Fair

Sunday, Oct. 7th, 1-4pm

2 Galleria Parkway Southeast

Atlanta, GA

Student registration: Visit https://nacacfairs.org. Contact information: collegefairs@nacacnet.org or 703/836-2222 ext. 14.

1st Annual Mobile Movie Makers Film Festival

Saturday, Oct. 13th, 8:15am-7:30pm

135 Riverside Parkway

Austell, GA

The M3 Youth Film Competition was launched in 2017 as an innovative and creative approach to support Georgia’s middle school and high school students as filmmakers, directors, producers, online content creators and actors. M3 is dedicated to supporting and nurturing aspiring young filmmakers and content creators. M3 empowers youth to use smartphones to create personal stories that will positively influence their peers and communities. To register to attend the festival and for more information: http://mobilemoviemakersyouth.com/m3-festival/.

Gwinnett Tech Career Worx

Wednesday, Oct. 17th, 4-7pm

2875 Old Milton Parkway

Alpharetta, GA

This event features all 140 of Gwinnett Tech's programs from Cybersecurity to Healthcare. Students can apply and take the Accuplacer Placement test and have those fees waived. Register to attend on their web site.

19th Annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference

Saturday, Nov. 10th, 8am-4pm

1100 South Marietta Parkway Southeast

Marietta, GA

For the past 18 years, the Latin American Association (LAA) has been inspiring students to pursue higher education and follow their dreams. The LAA’s annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference is an exciting day full of high energy, inspiration, motivational speakers, practical tips for college, workshops and a college and career fair for Latino middle and high school students from across Georgia. You must register to attend. And you must bring a permission slip signed by your parent: English Permission Slip and Spanish Permission Slip. Questions? Call 404-638-1810 or email laalylc@thelaa.org.