Temperate Grasslands

Biome Project


Biomes are very important for the places there geographically located, for the vegetation, and the animals that can survive and thrive in those Biomes.
We chose the Biome Temperate Grasslands because of the rich soil and all the vegetation, and when there is vegetation there are plenty of organisms and animals.

Temperate Grasslands

When you think of a Temperate Grassland, you would most likely think of the prairies and plains in the middle of the united states. This Biome is most known for its fertile soil and how flat the area usually is. you would rarely find trees is these areas, you will find plenty of vegetation and animals living in this Biome.


The climate of the area is usually 100F and in the winter it can get as low as -40F.

Precipitation patterns: the usual amount of precipitation is 50.8 to 88.9 cm [20-25 inches]
Temperate Grassland Biome