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February 10, 2016

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Setting Goals

The TLT met on Monday and looked at how we are progressing toward our goals as a school based on ISTEP and NWEA data. We had some great discussion that each TLT member is bringing back to all of you. Our goals are lofty. Our goals are set high. I believe we can reach these goals as a school. Our TLT believes we can reach these goals. At the end of the meeting, I asked them a reflective question:

How does our school/yearly cluster goal truly get achieved?

Here are the answers they gave:

- Teamwork

- Planning

- Working together with everyone (EL, TOI's, classroom teachers, paras, Speced, Success Teachers)

- Communication

- Identify kids by name

- Goal setting with students

- Nudging and encouraging

- Making sure kids are learning vs. making sure we are teaching

- Student work - continuing to dig into what students are doing/not doing

- Using data to plan lessons/intervention

- Use Success time

Take time to think about how you would answer that question. Do you truly believe we can reach our goals?

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This is why we do what we do...

I wanted to include a few pictures of why we are here... this is who we are here for. They depend on us! We don't want to achieve our goals for us - we want to achieve our goals for them!

Next Fire Drill

We will be having a fire drill sometime in the week of February 22nd. You may just want to read over your fire drill procedures - especially the "alternative route" section. There may just be a "road block" on your regular evacuation route and your class may have to be prepared to take the alternative route! :)

TLT focus

Next week the TLT is working on the IB application. We will be looking over questions and reflecting on how our practices here at WG align to the IB framework. The TLT will be bringing these questions back to you for further input.

Message from transportation

We are fast approaching our spring bus evacuation drills (March 3). This is just as important as your school drills if not more. Please schedule to help us out both AM and PM at your school. Please let your parents know that buses may be running late that day.


Shelly Sharkey

Transportation Coordinator

Sugar Grove Celebration

Sugar Grove Church is planning a "Teacher Appreciation Night" for the entire staff here at West Goshen. This is going to take place on March 3rd from 3:15-5:00 pm here at West Goshen. They would like to pamper all of us and show their appreciation for all the hard work you do day in and day out!

Upcoming Dates:


No School - President's Day

16th: (Follow the Monday specials times but Tuesday class schedule)
7:30 - Data Meetings
Before School - Related Arts Cluster
After School - 4th/5th Grade Cluster

Before School - K/1st Grade Cluster
After School - 2nd/3rd Grade Cluster

3:05-4:30 - TLT meeting
6:00 - Fine Arts Program at GMS (Program starts at 6:30)

8:45-11:30 - Principal's meeting/TLT pre conference with Alan (Lori gone)

7:30 - Data Meetings
3:05-4:30 - TLT meeting

Before School - Related Arts Cluster
11:30 - Lori at Central Office for Performance Payout Meeting
After School - 4th/5th Grade Cluster

Before School - K/1st Grade Cluster
After School - 2nd/3rd Grade Cluster

9:00 - Staffing Meeting with Dr. Woodworth (Lori gone)
5-7 pm - PTO McTeacher Night

8:00-11:00 - TLT is at a IDOE math training (TLT members all out)
11:30-3:30 - TLT planning/meeting at WG

ISTEP+ Part 1 Window Opens Feb. 29-March 11

Before School - Related Arts Cluster
After School - 4th/5th Grade Cluster

Before School - K/1st Grade Cluster
After School - 2nd/3rd Grade Cluster

3:15-5:00 - Sugar Grove Teacher Appreciation
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