March 20, 2019

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In this edition of the VanWeekly...

  • Webinar
  • School Lead call
  • Twitter Chat
  • Flipgrid Fever
  • XP Concerns
  • How do I know what XP activities I've submitted?
  • Shining a Spotlight on Success

Mark your calendar

March 26- Webinar- Flipgrid

April 11- School Lead Call

April 11- Twitter Chat

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Webinar- March 26th @ 7:30

Vanguard Webinar Topic: Flipgrid

Hear from several fellow Vanguard members who will share how they use this awesome and FREE tool in their classrooms and beyond!

Look for the meeting invitation in the Vanguard Team-->Monthly Webinars channel.

School Lead Call - April 11th @ 7:00pm

Looking forward to connecting with our School Leads on April 11th @ 7:00pm.

Twitter Chat -April 11th @ 7:30

Don't forget! Our Twitter chat on April 11th at 7:30 pm following the School Lead call at 7:00 pm!

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FCS Flipgrid Fever!

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Flipgrid is now a part of the Microsoft family and we would like to create some Fulton Flipgrid Fever! Mark your calendar for the next Vanguard webinar on March 26th from 7:30-8:30. Learn from several SLC Vanguard members about how to get started and their strategies for using Flipgrid for student reflection, discussion, demonstration, and collaboration.

Invite others to Flipgrid Webinar!

Invite others from your school to participate in the Flipgrid webinar on March 26. Since they are not a member of the Vanguard team, they can't a access the invite from our team. They can join the webinar as a guest using this link:

XP Concerns?

The final stipend round has been released! Need ideas (or want to share ideas) of great resources? Check out this Padlet wall for inspiration or sharing!

Have XP concerns? Complete this Google form:

Want additional help? Use our new email addresses for improved communication with the XP team! You will have access to the XP committee leads and committee members assigned to you for easier access.

AZ -





How do I know what XP Activities I've submitted?

Can't remember if you logged the post-conference of your mentoring cycle, last month's webinar, or that PD couse you did last week? Did you know that you can see exactly what XP activities you have submitted broken down by category? It's true! The Vanguard XP Tracker 2.0 gives you the ability to monitor your Vanguard activity at any time. If you go to the tracker, you will notice that there are two tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. The first tab is the main tracker page, where you typically go to view your Total XP. The second tab is the activity tracker. On this tab, you are able to select your name from the drop down list in the upper left corner. This will display all of your XP entries broken down by category.

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SHOUT OUT TO THE FINDLEY OAKS VANGUARD TEAM (Sharon Ferguson, Renee Morris, Ariel Robins, Amy Rubin, Jennifer Taylor)

They have been offering choice PD sessions and "badge challenges" with their staff as a Vanguard Team. Teachers can earn badges that go along with the monthly theme for integrating technology and personalized learning in meaningful ways. Here are the monthly themes that they are using:

o January – "Snow More Excuses"

o February – "Share the Vanguard Love"

o March – "ShamROCK the Tech"

o April – "April Showers Bring Tech Power"

o May – "May the Tech Be With You"

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Nominate someone or submit your own Spotlight Vanguard Member!

Vanleads, do you see any vanguard members at your school doing something awesome? Were they struggling with a tool before and are now using it? BRAG on our Vanguard members. If you see something awesome, please submit about your team member.

Please share your success stories with us! You may see your "Spotlight" in an upcoming Vanweekly!

Share Your Success!

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Vanguard Leadership Team

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Fulton County Vanguard Team

Mission: Building the capacity of instructional leaders to transform learning and teaching.

Vision: Through building colaborative relationships and supporting student focused learning, the Vanguard Team will positively impact student achievement.

Pillars: Transform, Innovate, Mentor, & Support (TIMS)


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