Solar Energy

Join the use of solar energy

Why is it so good?

It is very environmental friendly and it causes little to no pollution. All that makes solar energy work is by sun hitting objects and heating up. Its used to power lights, heat houses and distill water. Solar lights are all wireless there hooked up to external sources of power.

Economic impact

To go solar costs less than 10,000 but saves you on an average will save you about 100 dollars a month. Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah are some of the best candidates for using solar energy. All these states in the next 20 years could create over 23,000 jobs.

Great Use

Enviroment impact


Its better to use solar energy than having to burn fuels to get energy or such and have those fuels go in the air and hurt the enviroment. No chemicals or anything is going into the air or no pollution is going to hurt anything because all thats generating it is the suns rays.

Solar energy users(:

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