October 5-9


Parent Conferences - Oct 22-23. We will send home info in report cards on Monday, Oct 12

School Pictures on Oct 20

Science Authentic Assessment in-services in Library at 3:30

2nd Grade- Oct 21

1st Grade- Oct 28

Kindergarten - Nov 18

Word Wizards- Email a list of words your grade level is working on so I can try to include some of the words in the morning announcements.

Whole Brain Teaching: The Genius Ladder

The Genius Ladder Part 1

Vocabulary Instruction

Choose Tier 2 Words

Beck , McKeown, and Kucan (2002) recommend analyzing a text for Tier Two words that might be important for understanding the selection. These include words such as hesitated, extraordinary, and slump, which students might encounter in future texts or which will help them describe concepts. The authors suggest three criteria for selecting Tier Two words:

  1. Importance and utility- Words that are characteristic of mature language users and appear frequently across a variety of domains.
  2. Instructional potential - Words that students can use to build rich representations of concepts and apply to other situations.
  3. Conceptual Understanding - Words that students may understand generally, but that provide precision and specificity in describing a concept.

Tier Two words will differ depending on students' backgrounds, interests, and outside experiences, as well as their assessment results. What words do the students already know? What words will students consistently encounter in texts? What words do they need to know? We can choose only a few words to explicitly teach. What words are going to provide the most bang for the buck?