Which is worse? Air or Water?


Some major examples of water pollution are pesticides/herbicides, heavy metals (copper, lead, mercury), hazardous waste, and much more. When most people think about air pollution, they think about the obvious smog over a city. Although, there are different types some visible and some invisible. Both water and air pollution help contribute to one main problem, global warming.

Which is worse? Air Pollution or Water Pollution? Why?

Water Pollution!

Water pollution is worse than air pollution because:

- Marine life are dying everyday because people are polluting our oceans.

- Turtles are suffocating from eating plastic candy wrappers floating in the ocean.

- The ocean is getting more dirty everyday because of us.

- The sewer lines are dumping stuff into the oceans.

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There is a certain point in some oceans where you can dump your trash. It's kind of like a border line for trash. Once you take your boat out to a certain number of miles off shore, you can dump your trash. If you dump your trash within the shore and the trash dumping point, it is illegal.

Air Pollution!

Air pollution is worse than water pollution because:

- Air pollution is starting to become a bigger global killer than dirty water.

- Air pollution effects the way people live.

- Air pollution, such as pesticides, ant poison, exhaust, and much more, can kill bee's. And that means no fruits or vegetables.

- Our animals are breathing in all of the exhaust and smoke so their dying and intoxicating our food.

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Cigarette smoke and car smog are two pollutants that can harm the environment. There are many others pollutants also, but cigarette smoke is very bad. Most people who smoke die of lung cancer, but more people are dying of second hand smoking. Which means people who inhale cigarette smoke from walking by a person who is smoking, is more likely to die than a person smoking.

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Morgan Albin and Gabby Carozza