Anthony Doby

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. –Grandma Moses

Something i did yesterday

Yesterday I was at a friends house then I came home took a shower. after i got out of the shower i went to bed for about an hour. After I woke up I ate hamburgers. When i got done eating i went back to sleep and woke up for school the next


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Something i do well

I am good at math.. I hope I did well. I had Mrs. Walborn and i didn't like her to much. She was okay but she didn't really explain everything and gave out a lot of homework.
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Something about your childhood

Growing up i had 5 dogs. I don't have one right now my dad took it with him with my parents got divorced. My sister also has a cat.
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something i learned last week

Last week I learned how hard exams were. Thats all really all that I learned last week since we had exams.
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something i can't live without

I can't live without music. It helps me calm down and get through hard times.
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something i dislike

i dislike it when I'm walking down the hall and someone steps on the back of my shoes. It bothers me especially if i have on good shoes.
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somethng i love to watch/ listen to

My favorite tv show was sons of anarchy but it ended. i would watch it with my family every tuesday.
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