ALC Flights and Updates

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I hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start! At VIA we are coordinating many activities and events for your exciting summer here! With just one month to go we want to make sure everything is ready for your awesome summer at Stanford!

To ensure all is prepared, please assist us by filling in the two surveys below and make sure you have sent your agreement forms to us!

ALC Calendar

We are booking visits to a number of exciting companies and startups and many more places as well as arranging volunteering opportunities. When you arrive you will have an opportunity to sign up for your top two company visits. We will be updating the calendar weekly, so you can go to the ALC main page and then click on either the ALC 1 calendar or the ALC 2 calendar, for which ever group you are a part of. Please check back weekly to see what is happening.

Thanks for reading and completing the surveys!

Remember if you have any questions you can email us! We are looking forward to seeing you all soon - Adam & Christy

ALC 1:

ALC 2: