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Dear Families,

Our staff can hardly contain our excitement for Monday! We are prepped and ready to welcome our Studley Stars to a new school year. Again, there is a LOT of information here, but it is important to make sure our beginning is off to a great start.

In this communication, you will find:

  • Information on student IDs

  • Important information about transportation (car procedure, bus expectations and walker information). Please read through carefully.

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch choices for the first day of school and access to digital food menus

We hope you enjoy your last few days of summer with your kids and look forward to seeing them again on Monday.

Thank you,

Mrs. Boyle

Student IDs

Please remember to send your child with their student ID if they are returning Attleboro students. It will be very helpful!

Students who travel by car:

Studley Elementary School Drop-Off and Pick-Up Semi Circle Procedures

Safety is our First Goal

If you are using a car to transport your children to and from Studley, please use the following transportation procedures.

Cars entering the staff parking lot or Anderson Avenue for drop off or pick up will be asked to exit immediately and follow the appropriate procedure. This is for safety reasons.

Drop off is from 8:30 AM to 8:45 AM The school day begins at 8:45 AM. Students are marked tardy after 8:45 AM once our bell rings. Staff are not on duty until 8:30AM.

Dismissal is at 3:25 PM (12:25 PM on Early Release Days) Dismissal typically takes about 15 minutes to complete for the entire building.

Please do not arrive before 2:50 PM as the increased traffic creates a hazard for the Brennan buses, walkers and car pick-up parents during their dismissal time. We do not release until 3:25 PM and our process is very efficient when we all work together.

First and foremost, be kind, patient, and polite to one another and our staff. Our number one goal is to complete drop-off and pick-up safely. We send strong messages to our children by how we interact with one another.

School buses/transportation vans ALWAYS have the right of way.

Place the name of your child on your dashboard or under your visor facing outward. We will be sending name cards home with students. Having this visible for staff is important in the beginning of the year and will become increasingly important when we have inclement weather. We may have the children indoors and use walkie talkies to call your children out to your car. For safety reasons, please use the name card we provide.

Please always proceed to the Brennan Middle School parking lot loop to turn around. To be fair to all our parents/guardians, we ask that you go down to Brennan’s first parking lot entrance and then exit through the one closest to Brennan’s building to get into our car pick-up line (see photo below). This year, we will be adding traffic from the other entrance of Rathbun Willard Drive, and cars will be coming in from both directions. Therefore, we will be merging cars in a zipper-like fashion to keep both lines of traffic flowing. We ask that you not block the Brennan parking lot entrance or exit to be respectful of teachers trying to exit the Brennan lot. Do not make any U-turns in the street. Please be patient as we navigate this change and figure out what works best for our families.

Follow Staff Directions. Our staff will direct you to the appropriate stopping space. It is very important that you follow their guidance. You must pull up all the way in the circle, even if you have to drive by your child's cute face! They will walk to your car in the circle.

Please make sure your children enter and exit from the curb side of the car. Place car seats on the curb side for youngsters who need assistance getting in and out of your vehicle. We have staff that will help them until they can manage getting out on their own. If you feel you need more time to get situated, you can pull through the loop and pull over onto the street until you feel ready to drive off.

Please remain in your car unless absolutely necessary to get out. Exiting your car leads to significant safety issues along with delays in line movement. We will certainly assist your child if they need help.

Please do not use your cell phone while picking up and dropping off students. This is dangerous for everyone in the car loop line. We need your full attention to ensure the safety of everyone. Also, this is a time to say hello and goodbye to your children – a time to focus on them!

Thank you for helping us ensure a safe and efficient drop off and pick up

procedure for your children!

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Students who ride the bus:

Bus students will begin arriving at 8:30AM. Buses pull up to the front of the building and unload. Staff members will be there to greet them.

Students riding the bus are expected to follow appropriate bus behavior. This includes:

  • sitting in their seats
  • keeping their hands and feet to themselves
  • maintaining a quiet voice so the bus driver can focus
  • keeping all materials in their backpacks
  • treating each other with respect and using kind words

APS School Bus Policy:

To ensure the safety of all students who ride in buses, it may be occasionally necessary to revoke the privilege of transportation from a student who abuses this privilege. Parents of children whose behavior and misconduct on school buses, endangers the health, safety, and welfare of other riders will be notified that their children face the loss of transportation privileges in accordance with the regulations approved by the school committee (EEAEC)

Please support us by reminding your children of these rules. Our goal is to have all students arrive safely to their destinations.

Bus Routes:

Bus stops/times are posted to the district website. Questions about bus stops, the fee for service program, or routes should be directed to the transportation office at 508-222-0012. A reminder that for the first 2 weeks of school, times may be off by 5-15 minutes as everyone adjusts to more traffic on the roads when school begins as well as those families who take that extra minute to give a goodbye hug or words of encouragement. Please be at your stop at least 10 minutes before the estimated time of pick up/drop off. Once two full weeks have gone by, you will have a more realistic, regular time that the bus or van arrives/drops off at the designated bus stop. Thank you for your patience at the beginning of the year.

Students who are walkers:

Students who walk to school will enter through the side door (near the teacher parking lot). At the end of the day, they will be dismissed at the same door. All students will be released to a parent or other adult listed on their emergency contact form.

If your child is allowed to walk home without an adult/older sibling, please send the office an email or a handwritten note.

If you have a middle school sibling picking up, they must get a pass from the office. Only students with a pass will be allowed to pick up.

Any dismissal questions can be sent to the office:

Changes to Dismissal Plan

If your child is going to go home a DIFFERENT way than they are supposed to, please notify the office by phone as soon as possible. We understand that situations come up that are out of your control, but we ask that you do your best to notify the office no later than 2:00PM on the same day. This allows enough time to notify the classroom teacher and child that there is a change in plans.

If you know ahead of time, you can:


Breakfast will be served from 8:30AM to 8:45AM. Students who wish to eat breakfast at school need to be here as close to 8:30AM as possible.

Lunch Choices for 8.29 and Food Menus

You can access our food menus on our website or by clicking on the link below. You will also be getting a paper copy for easy reference. To get you started, the choices for Monday are listed below. Please remember - all breakfasts and lunches are free at this point. You do not need to send in any money. However, make sure to still fill out the free and reduced lunch form.

Monday, August 29th:

1. Chicken Nuggets

2. Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Student Handbooks

All families must login to the Family Aspen Portal and sign off on the Elementary Student Handbook following the instructions above. If you have difficulty logging in, please reach out to one of our clerks, Diane Tremblay or Lisa Frolio and they'll be able to help out. You can click on the images below to make them larger.

APS Student Handbooks