by evelin cruz

facts about pennsylvanai

pennselvanai has 2 nick names like aliases,sobriqust.

and prat of pennselvanai there is a are legest citys like this one

in the picture.and the population of the state is 12,79.

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little about the city

the governor was tom wolf.

people use corp that is use for thinks

people do buy lost of crop.and there are 54 mountians in pennsylvanai.

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pennsyvlanai favorit things!

pennsylvanai has a flower it is a red rose.the favorit brid is the ruffed grouse.and favorit tree is tasa canadensis.
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a place were you want to be (:

well every state has a beach do they.well you can fish and

swim there are lost of shaed too.there are ice cream man in the

beach and food and do not for get drink too.

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come you will like it here!

in pennselvanai there are a libety bell and over here are famouse people i pick jayne she sings and acts in moves to.and pretty too.
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why do i like this place

there are lost of thinks that are histroy like the libety bell.there are lost of famouse people there are about 3,0000 people and i want you to leson this song i hope you enjo (:

Anthem of Pennsylvania USA

thank you! by evelin cruz

and the person that make the video