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Who is Hizballah?

Hizballah is Lebanon terrorist group, with their name meaning "Party of God". They formed in 1982 after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. They are a Lebanon-based Shia group. Their terrorist group name can also be spelled like "Hezbollah".

Where is Hizballah located?

They do most of their work in the Al Biqa' (Bekaa Valley), the southern suburbs of Beirut, and southern Lebanon. They have established cells in Europe, Africa, South America, and North America. Hizballah's training bases are mainly in the previously Syrian-controlled Biqa Valley. Hizballah's headquarters and offices are in southern Beirut and Ba'albek
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Why is Hizballah a terrorist group?

Hizballah, the Lebanon-based radical Shia group has an ideological inspiration from the Iranian revolution. Hizballah's main goal was to liberate Jerusalem and eliminate Israel. Hizballah has been actively participating in Lebanon's political system since 1992. Hizballah is dedicated to the creation of an Iranian-style Islamic republic in Lebanon. They want the removal of all non-Islamic influences from their area. Hizballah shows a strong anti-Western and anti-Israeli style.

Hizballah has been involved in a large number of anti- United States terrorist attacks

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Hizballah's Terrorist Activities

Between the spring of 1983 through the summer of 1985, Hizballah launched unexpected waves of suicide bombings. They attacked the US Embassy in Beirut, the US Marine barracks in Beirut, and the US Embassy annex. They also were involved in the kidnapping and detention of US and other Western hostages in Lebanon. Hizballah also attacked the Israeli Embassy in Argentina in 1992.

Hizbollah started to establish its base in Lebanon in 1982. They have been expanding and getting stronger, mainly becuase of its wave of suicide bombings and foreign support by Iran and Syria

Hizballah's Strength

Hizbollah sources claim that the group has about 5,000-10,000 fighters. Other sources say that Hizbollah's militia contains a core of about 300-400 fighters, but they can be expanded to about 3,000 fighters in several hours if a war with Israel occurs.

My Opinion on Hizballah

Hizballah carries a high potential to be a threat to the US. They have been brave enough to attack US military in other areas in the world. The United States has an obvious reason to have Hizballah on the terrorist list. I am not for Hizballah and their terrorist attacks and I believe that the US should make sure that they don't have any future attacks or plans on any country. They may not be the largest terrorist group, but with the possibility of them have a few thousand militia members, they do have some strength behind their actions.
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