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Week of December 14th-18th

Happy Friday! Congrats to our Superstars: Sydney Gantzer, Jan Hughes, and Rhonda Creed! You each are very deserving of the recognition. Thank you Alesia for creating our ballot!

You all have raised the door decorating challenge to a new level! WOW! I am impressed! Judging to happen this week and the awarding of FABULOUS prizes!

January 4th everyone will meet at Sockwell for a terrific speaker- Eric Cupp. We will start at 8:30 but, if you want a good seat and a good parking spot, be there early!

Coming soon:

Monday, Dec. 14 Five Days of Winter Festivities Starts!

Tuesday, Dec.15 Visual Supports Training (MPR)

Wednesday, Dec. 16 Latino Literacy (719)

Thursday, Dec. 17 Hanen (MPR)

Thursday, Dec. 17 Party Day

Friday, Dec. 18 Staff Holiday Luncheon (Activity Rm)

Upcoming December Birthday Girls:

Sydney Gantzer 12/14

Caroline Hayes 12/18

Debbie Morris 12/25

Janaki Ramalingam 12/27

Rachana Kapadia 12/29

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Happy Friday!

Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • I would like to thank Dennise for being very receptive to book suggestions to add to our school library. ~ Jennifer Newberry
  • To Maria Elena for working so hard to teach our afternoon friend how to rote count to 15. ~ Heather
  • To Julia Bailey for putting together all the class books based on our book study of Fall is Not Easy. ~ Heather
  • To Stephanie G. for helping to prepare the Teacher Tables each week to meet IEP needs, as well as the individual needs of all our students. ~ Heather
  • To Micree for taking the initiative to have sensory opportunities at Centers every day. ~ Heather
  • To Jennifer N. for working so hard to make intentional integration truly intentional for our students. ~ Heather
  • Marta-thank you for working hard to get things done for new students! ~ Coleen
  • Thank you Mayra Andaluz and Suma Vazhavilla for all their hard work decorating our doors, planning and helping the children with all the holiday crafts, and their patience during this hectic time of the year. ~Sonia
  • Amanda-thank you for being a great team player and taking turns working on paperwork! ~ Coleen
  • Thanks to Sonia and Gaylon for their hard work and research in preparing a grant proposal to benefit our migrant students. Fingers crossed that the grant will be approved! ~ Gerry
  • Kaye-thank you for putting the students first and working with them on their goals/objectives! ~ Coleen
  • Jennifer N.-thank you for working so hard on the 3 year-old curriculum and helping out our team! ~ Coleen
  • Stephanie G.-thank you for all your hard work and dedication in working with students and tweeting us great information! ~ Coleen
  • Micree-thank you for all your great ideas in the art center and giving students a wonderful appreciation for art! ~ Coleen
  • Heather-thank you for always being there, for our awesome planning and your great inspiration and dedication for students’ needs~ Coleen

  • Lori-thank you for being a great team-player and for taking data and taking the lead in the classroom! ~ Coleen