Grand canyon

By macee austin

Grand Canyon is the third largest canyon in the world.
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The grand canyon was made by nature. Scientist suggest that it took about 3000-6000 years to form. But that is just a suggestion. It could have taken longer. Nobody knows, and there is know way to know. It is located in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon rages from four to eighteen miles wide. It is 277 miles wide (445 km in river miles.) It is 5,000 ft deep. Third largest canyon in the world. The reason everyone visits is because of thje size, and of course the amazing view.

In the Grand Canyon there is 88 species of animals. But, there is not much plant life. 800 million gallens flow through this canyon.

This natural wonder of the world took 3-6 million years to form, scientists say. it is a natural wonder to the world. This amazing wonder is mostly consisted of rock that is one mile deep. Erosion is the main reason this Grand Canyon is formed.

Major John Wesley was the first person to explore this monument in 1869. The oldest human artifacts are estimated to be about 3,000-4,000 years old. The Grand Canyon is also a very popular tourist attraction . More than five million people visit this large place, every year!

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Three things you can do

-you can hike or walk.

- you can visit the visitors museum.

- free tour programs

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