GMS Family Update for May-June


Student exchange procedures begin May 20

IMPORTANT DATES: May 20-May 29 will be the dates for students to return school resources like textbooks, library books and instruments while also receiving any purchased yearbooks, medications, and academic awards. By state regulation, we are granted permission to complete these tasks at our buildings while also following all safety and health procedures to maintain quality safety practices for both students and school staff. Parents or families should park in lower football parking lot and only students should walk up to the gym entrance on car line side of school to enter gym.

If any student has any confirmed coronavirus case they are not to report to this event. If any student is experiencing any of the coronavirus symptoms they should not report but communicate with our school so we can make individual arrangements later in the summer. Parents and family members, per district procedure, are not to enter our gym but should remain at their car. Students only should enter gym at designated time. Students should find all textbooks and library books now to prepare. If any textbook or library book was in a student locker, we have already collected those and have recorded them in our records. We are still missing several items from students that should be in their homes and need to be returned to avoid fines. The Student Exchange Days is your chance to turn in all school resources and avoid fees owed. Students may keep technology items over the summer in all grades.

Student Exchange Schedule

The image found under this announcement will allow you to see when your child will return to GMS to turn in their materials and clean out their locker. ALL STUDENTS WILL KEEP THEIR SCHOOL ISSUED CHROMEBOOK OVER THE SUMMER. THIS INCLUDES THE CASE AND CHARGER. Details on Chromebooks are found further down in this newsletter.

Students will need to turn in the following items:

  • Any WiFi hotspot that was issued by GMS
  • All hardback textbooks
  • All library books
  • Any damaged school owned technology device
  • Any school owned instruments
  • Any school owned sports or club uniform
  • Updated vaccination records reflecting a TDAP vaccination (if available)

Students will collect the following items in the gym:

  • Any award announced at our grade level awards ceremonies (you will be notified by your child's grade level administrator if your child received an award)
  • A yearbook if one was purchased (more info on yearbooks found below)
  • Any personal items from a gym locker
  • Any medication left in the nurses office

How to read the student exchange schedule:

Students will find their 1A Period teacher in the chart. Students will then return to GMS on the date and time that matches who their 1A Period teacher is. For example, if a child has Mrs. Ingram for their 1A Period class, that child would report the gymnasium (a door will be marked from the carloop side of the school) at 8:15 AM on Wednesday, May 20. All parents must park in our lower football stadium parking lot. Please make sure your child reports at their designated time so we can safely enforce social distancing guidelines. For a larger view of this schedule, click HERE.

Student Exchange Schedule


Middle school students in SDPC will be keeping their Chromebook, case, and charger over the summer. Each child must audit their Chromebook, however. Our teachers will be making every effort to accomplish this through their 1A Period classes. If your child has yet to complete this mandatory process, they must do so by visiting the site found HERE. The gray button titled "GMS Chromebook Audit Procedure" links you to the same document.

Any child that has a damaged Chromebook can return that device on the date and time that aligns with their 1A Period class in the schedule found above. Students must fill out the audit form before they return their damaged device.

GMS Chromebook Audit Procedure

This document must be filled out to by all students.

Hardback Textbooks

All school owned hardback textbooks must be returned to GMS on the date and time listed in the student exchange schedule listed above. All classrooms and student lockers have been cleared of all textbooks. If a child owes a textbook, it is not at GMS. A fee will be assessed to any student that cannot find and return a school owned hardback textbook.

School Owned Instruments

All students who have a school owned instrument must return these on the date and time found in the student exchange schedule at the beginning of this document. School owned instruments are cleaned and serviced every summer.


Yearbooks have arrived! Don't miss out on getting your copy. Quantities are limited. Please visit and select Gettys Middle to purchase your copy today. You will not need to do this if you have already ordered and paid.

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