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Daily plan of action for Ipas2 and Empower Network

Welcome to this daily action plan flyer

To get results faster you must do a few things at a daily basis, not now and then but everyday, it is far too technical to explain here but trust us, do these steps every day and yes 7 days a week.

Share Share Share and Share This is the keyword here!

Consistency is the second main keyword here!

Share daily on Google plus and the Communities on Google plus!

Join as many Google plus communities (like Facebook groups) but be careful!!!! Only join communities like: network marketing, make money online, mlm, internet marketing and bloggers communities when joining not related communities, Google plus will lock you for at least one week after posting, sharing in those communities!
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Google, Google Google and Google

It is very important to understand why we marketers love Google, first of all your free blog is a blogspot/google blog and Google plus is....Google...and Youtube is Google and Google Hangouts are Google, it is your job to post and upload and share as many on these google services as possible, Google will love this and will instantly reward you for and more traffic and more viewers to your blog and Youtube, promised!

Other social media sites for sharing and posting and creating back links

VK is a russian based socila media site like Facebook, it is wise to join VK for free if you not already have done this! Just click HERE for a free account and do not forget to post and or share daily here !!
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share and post daily on Tumbler

Tumbler is a sort of blogging platform where you can post links (of your blogpost ofcourse) and share pictures and other cool stuff, do this daily and you will be surprised how much traffic will be coming to your blog, but do not forget, consistency is the magic word here, 7 days a week! Joinfor free HERE
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Share daily on Pinterest

Pinterest is a very high authority site which creates tons of traffic every minute.

Join Pinterest for free HERE

And after you have joined, do not forget to create at least 20 different boards, like: internet marketing, offline marketing, online marketing, marketing tips, new marketing tips, advice for entrepreneurs, etc below your blogpost you will find the share buttons one of the is pinterest, after you clicked at this button an other page will open with the list in a drop down menu of all of the boards in your account, click one and than click pin it and ready, the dropdown menu will disappear after a few seconds, go back to your blogpost and scroll down to the share buttons again and click again at the pinterest share button, again the drop down menu with all your pinterest boards appaear and you click at the next board, repaet this till you re done! Simple this takes only a few minutes to set up and a few minutes to share, do not forget to start following people on pinterest, most of the people you follow, will follow you back, do follow new people for at least 50-100 new ones every day!!!!!

Share on Reddit and you will be amazed.......

Do not be fooled by the "childish" look of reddit, a lot and we mean really a lot of traffic is generated through reddit post here every day and the keyword is here to find the right category! Join reddit for free HERE
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Share 3 times a day on Facebook

Yes 3 times a day sharing on Facebook is the key right now and join as many groups as possible, some of our team members are using autoposters and they work very well these days they save you a lot of work and time and do not forget just like with ALL social media sites like post from other people, connect and friend at least 25-50 new people everyday but there is a big BUT here only friend related to our business so people who are in mlm groups, or internet marketing groups or pages, you can simple type at Facebook search amway or herbalife or internet marketing it is simple takes a little time every day but great results!!

Thanks for the time and start sharing like grazy spread the word and find more social media sites by yourself!

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