Child Labor Laws

If you're 14 and want to work, read on!

You can if you want to!

The labor laws state that anyone from the ages 14 through 17 are able to work and earn their own paycheck. Its like an allowance except Much MUCH larger.

You will have shorter work quotas, though.

Children under 16 may only work for 4 hours a school week, so it won't be too much. If its on a non-school day, you can only work for 8 hours, which is good if you don't have anything planned that day. also opening and closing hours are lower than regular employees, so you don't have to worry.

Places you can work:

How much will I be paid?

You Will be paid minimum wage which as of 2016 is 7.25. You get paid by the Hour, so on a school week you get paid 130.50, and on a Non-school week, you'll get paid 290 Dollars.