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A Northern Food Bowl?

Could there be a Northern food bowl? Well, both of the possible leaders of Australia promise they will spend money on it but what exacly is a food bowl? Well, a food bowl is a place were the majority of the food for a country is grown and made. The main food bowl in Australia is in NSW and uses the water from the countries largest rivers to irrigate them. But alot of people think that this is a bad idea and that the lakes are suffering because of this. As an alternative, these people think there should be a food bowl in northern Queensland and northern territory because they get alot of rainfall in the north because of the monsoone seasons and also there is alot of room there. Lots of people disagree with this because of the amount of dry weather in the north. sometimes there is so little water there is a drought! It seems like this is a divided topic and has its pros and cons but it is worth a try and should be a priority in the government.