Like a good neighbor, Constantinople's best!

By: Alyssa Griffith

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Constantinople's Geography

Constantinople location was a great location, it had water all around it and it defended good! Constantinople was rich and wealthy! They had a huge wall around the whole city to protect it. There were sewer systems, hospitals, orphanages, and elderly homes. Constantinople was the main trade route area (center) because it is where people by boats and walking cross to east to west.
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Constantinople's Daily life

Daily life for Constantinople was crowded because it was a popular city and it was the main source of trade. The city was very clean because the unemployed people swept the streets and weeding the garden. Different languages where spoken. Justinian had a public work project and he built new bridges, public baths, parks, roads and grand churches like Hagia Sophia.
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Constantinople's Government

The Government of Constantinople was combined with religion. People in the east however thought that people wrongly worshiped the icons. The pope was very angry, and excommunicated the emperor. Justinian has really affected us, he updated old laws and created new ones. 30,000 people had gotten killed by causing a riot.
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Constantinople's Religion

The religion of Constantinople is Christianity.Government and religion connect. Christians in the medieval life used images and worshiped them. When Constantine built his new capital, he intended it to be the religious center of empire as well as the seat of government. The church became known as the Eastern Orthodox. The word orthodox means " in agreement with right belief." This church was based off of Jesus Christ. The church and state were combined into one all-powerful body.
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Hope you choose to move to Constantinople!