PA Library Weekly

Week of November 18, 2013


Hi all! I had a wonderful time at the American Association of School Librarians Conference in Hartford, CT. I met some great school librarians and learned some great ideas for events and more in the library!
Vermont was well represented at this conference! Below is a photo of all of the Vermont school librarians with the American Library Association president (and my former professor from Syracuse University!).


I would love to collaborate with you and your students!
Here are some things I can do for you:

  • Library instruction embedded in your research projects (Examples: credible sources, citations, finding a thesis, presentation tools, etc.)
  • Provide resources (pulling books, creating an online guide specific to your project)
  • Embedding technology into your current projects

We have a few exciting collaborations going on in the library currently.
  • Barb Brody and I are still working hard on her Driver's Education website using Google Sites.
  • Casie Grossman (student teaching with Mr. Putvain) and I are planning lessons for her World History and Economics research projects.

Please see me or send me an email to discuss how I can support you and your students.

Tech Tip of the Week

As I believe Bill mentioned last week, Google has released Google Play for Education which has many useful Google Apps you can incorporate into your classroom practice. Read this awesome blog post about it!

Coming soon...

  • Nov. 20- Google Hangout between Peoples Academy and Stowe 6th graders.
  • Nov. 22- Catching Fire movie premieres!
  • Collaborations with Casie Grossman and with the 7th grade Humanities team