Summer Reading

Parent Tips for Summer Reading

Why Summer Reading?

Literacy experts and teachers agree that children of all ages need to be read to or to read books by themselves over the summer. Your child's summer reading will help maintain reading skills, improve reading fluency, and provide the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and concepts. During your child's school vacation, it is important for your child to spend time reading and writing on a regular basis, whether a beginning reader or a fluent reader.

Try some of the suggestions below for making your child's summer full of literacy fun!

Set aside a consistent time to read everyday.

Depending on your family's schedule, reading time might be in the morning, afternoon, or right before bed. Whatever time you choose, please try to remain consistent.

Allow your child to choose books for summer reading.

Check out summer reading programs at the Johnson City Public Library.

Encourage your child to write this summer also.

From writing postcards to friends and family to keeping a journal of summer events, summer presents many ways for your child to write about their own experiences. Photographs could be added to writing to create a book of summer activities.

Summer Reading Suggestions

Check out these websites for summer book suggestions for your reader!