weather with david


a blizard

blizards a type of storm its a type of weather you want to run from. its out of control and it woint stop for anyone its

  1. dangerous
  2. cold
  3. and coming for you

how dangerous are blizzards

blizard in north amarica means violent and cold wind.its so dangerous it can make a blanket so thick you caint see out the windows

it may look buteaful

but its dangerous it has killed pepole by freezing to death to car crashes
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blizzard may cause frostbite,knumkness,low body tempature

how to stay safe

  1. keep a heater or fire going
  2. keep all windows and doors shut
  3. stay at high ground

hoe's responsibule for blizzards

the nimbostratus,stratocumolus,

how to measure snow

we use somthing called a snow gauge

this is what you might feel like when your hit by a blizzard

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how i feel in cold weather