Reconstruction Period

What took place in the south

Reconstruction amendments

13th Amendment abolished slavery

14th Amendment granted US citizen ship to all male ex-slaves

15th Amendment protected the rights given to slaves

To be readmitted into the Union the southern states had to ratify all three amendments.

Black Codes

These were laws passed by the ex-Confederate states to limit freed men's rights. These laws included segregation in public places and restrictions on the rights of freed men.
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Freedmen's Bureau

The Freedmen's Bureau was created by Congress in 1865 to assist former slaves.

Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow Laws established legal racial segregation in public places throughout the South after the 1850s when the Reconstruction officially ended.
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What year did the reconstruction era start?

What did Congress make to assist former slaves?

Who wanted to extend suffrage to educated blacks?

Important People

Abraham Lincoln was important because he made it possible for slaves to be free.

John Wilkes Booth was important because he made it possible for congress to step in and give the former slaves a fighting chance.