The Protestant Reformation

Mary McClellan

How it Started:

The Protestant Reformation's approximate time period was from 1577 to 1685. It was mostly about Religion and how it was changed. But daily life also had changed during that time. Religion changed because it broke up to a lot of different religions. They were all based on Roman Catholic. Also they are all Christians just different types because some were more Modern and others stayed with tradition.

Some of the Important People

Important People

Jan Hus - he was a czech priest, philosopher, reformer, and master - was burned at the stake

The Pope - he focused on money not religion, reformers went against him

Martin Luther - was the german monk, catholic priest, professor of theology

Henry VIII - was the King of England from April21, 1509 until his death, born and baptized catholic

Elizabeth - was the Queen of England from november 17 1558 until her death.

Important Religions and Their Founders:

Catholic - Jesus Christ and disciples Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

Lutheran - Martin Luther

Anglican - King Henry VIII and Elizabeth

Methodist - John Wesley

Baptist - John Smith

The 95 Theses(actual photos)