Gra-Mar Middle Library Media Center

"The Information Place" April 24, 2017

Let's Encourage Our Students to Read 20 Minutes Every Day This Summer

It’s worth saying Again and Again!!!

The old adage “Practice makes Perfect” certainly applies to our students and their ability to read. We must encourage summer practice reading for our students. It is my firm belief, students’ reading and writing (and math) skills will improve if they are required to do more independent reading. Summer reading through the Limitless Libraries Reading Challenge will support our students throughout the Summer days and help them not to lose ground while school is out. Everyone is already signed up. We just have to encourage them to use the free programs. There will be prizes and special activities at the Nashville Public Library branches. It will pay Big Dividends!!! Information forms will be handed out nearer the end of school.

It's Been a Busy New Year in the Library Media Center

Special Activities, Reading Challenges, and Prizes Galore!!!

In February, the 8th graders went to the Nashville Public Library to visit the Civil Rights room and participated in special activities for Black History Month. We also began our Genre Bingo to encourage students to read more while vying for the prize "Goody Bag" during each month in March, April and May. "Read Across America and Dr. Seuss' Birthday" were celebrated in the library with 22 guest readers entertaining our 5th and 6th graders with wonderful stories. Students were challenged and enjoyed the activities and cookies and punch. The 7th and 8th graders had a special guest speaker, Jared Amato, from Maplewood High School who talked about the "Project Lit" activity that his high school students were doing to put books into community centers where kids could just have easy access to books anytime. Our big school-wide reading project, The Footloose Challenge, was kicked off February 1st. Students were to read 3,216 books to represent the number of miles it takes to "Read Across America". Footprints are given when a book is read, and it represents 1 mile. Each student was asked to read 8-9 books before May 19th so that Gra-Mar would reach the goal of travelling from Massachusetts to California before school is out. Each grade level's footprints are displayed in the cafeteria. The student who reads the most books (minimum of twelve) will receive a Kindle Fire as a prize. Gladiator Pride is at Stake. Can we continue our being a winning school Streak? Check out the wonderful memories of "Read Across America/Dr. Seuss' Birthday Celebration below.

Book Give-away for Students and Teachers in May

The Library Media Center periodically has to discard books that were published in years past, but are still just wonderful for our students. We're going to give students an opportunity to choose books that they can keep and take home forever!! Teacher will also get the chance to pick some for their classrooms. Don't miss your chance to own some well-chosen jewels to feed your brain and enjoy for years to come.

Recycling is a grand thing when everyone wins!!