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Asa Packer News

Please see below for this week's news.

We hope you have a great Spring Break! School resumes on Tuesday, April 6th.

For Hybrid Parents and Guardians

As you are aware, our hybrid students will begin four days of in-person instruction beginning the week of April 12th. We will continue to follow the CDC Guidelines in all areas of our school as we have done throughout the year. Below are some changes that will impact student schedules:

Q: How will lunch be handled?

A: Eating lunch still requires 6 feet of social distance. Lunch times will be slightly shifted so that only one grade level eats at the same time. Children are seated throughout the cafeteria and gym as they have been all year. The new lunch times are listed below.

  • 11:15 - 11:45 - Grade K
  • 11:40 - 12:10 - Grade 1
  • 12:05 - 12:35 - Grade 2
  • 12:30 - 1:00 - Grade 3
  • 12:55 - 1:25 - Grade 4
  • 1:20 - 1:50 - Grade 5

Q: How will snack in the classroom be handled?

A: Eating snack in the classroom requires students to observe 6 feet of social distance. If that distance cannot be maintained in the classroom, students will move to designated locations in the building. Snack may also be eaten outside where students can be socially distant.

Q: What does a socially-distanced classroom that follows CDC guidelines look like?

A: The BASD recognizes the CDC’s 3 foot physical distancing guideline. The standard of 3 feet physical distance allows for the needed spacing in all of our classrooms. The layouts of all our Asa Packer classrooms/spaces will comply with CDC standards. All students and staff will continue wearing masks. CDC guidelines provide for a safe merging of the A-L and M-Z cohorts.

Q: What will Mondays look like?

A: There will be no changes to Mondays. Teachers will be in contact if meeting times change.

Q: What will the specialist schedule look like?

A: As we prepare for our 4 day hybrid instructional model beginning the week of April 12, specialists will operate in the following manner. Hybrid students will now be solely responsible for their participation during their in-person hybrid days. Although students will have access to additional content through our Google Classrooms, hybrid students will not be required to complete any of the content off stage. Specialists will continue to operate on a 5 week rotating basis that has been in place since September. For example, at Asa Packer, our hybrid students will see specialists on the following rotation.

  • Week of April 12 - Week 1 - Students will receive Spanish, music or phys. ed.
  • Week of April 19 - Week 2 - Students will receive Spanish, digital literacy or phys. ed.
  • Week of April 26 - Week 3 - Students will receive Spanish, art or phys. ed.
  • Week of May 3 - Week 4 - Students will receive art, music or digital literacy
  • Week of May 10 - Week 5 - Students will receive art, music or digital literacy
  • Week of May 17 - Week 1 - Students will receive Spanish, music or phys. ed.
  • Week of May 24 - Week 2 - Students will receive Spanish, digital literacy or phys. ed.
  • Week of June 1 - Week 3 - Students will receive Spanish, art or phys. ed.
  • Week of June 7 - Week 4 - Students will receive art, music or digital literacy

*There is currently no change to the eClassroom expectations or posting of content.

Q: What will dismissal look like?

A. We ask that parents continue to be socially distant while outside and continue to wear masks. Children should be monitored once dismissed from the building. Dismissal for the walkers may take a little longer due to the increased number of students. Depending on the need, we may stagger walkers or dismiss a grade level a few minutes early.

Q: What will breakfast in school look like?

A: Breakfast will no longer be eaten in school. It will be sent home. Please see the document below for more information.

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PSSA - FAQ for Parents about PSSA Testing/Opting Out (Grades 3-5)

Please see the attached document for an FAQ on PSSA Testing. Information on how to opt out is also included in the FAQ. Opt out requests may sent directly to For this year only, there is no negative impact for your child, your child's teacher or the school if you chose to opt out. Requests must be received by April 30th.
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PTA Updates

March PAC Meeting Minutes, provided by Mr. Elliot Tracey

You can view these documents by visiting this link.

Nomination for PTA Executive Board Officers - Reminder for all PTA Members to submit your nominations by March 31, 2021.

Spiritwear - Our shop is still open to purchase Spiritwear, please visit:

Sunshine Cart & Basket Raffle Donations - If you are interested in donating supplies, gift cards or unused items, please contact: and we will get you connected.

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Congratulations to our Dance-A-Thon Raffle Winners

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Please see below for yearbook ordering information.
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First in Math Teams & Players of the Week

Please see below for The First in Math Teams & Players of the Week. These rankings are updated every Monday morning.
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April Lunch Menu

Attached is the lunch menu for April.

BASD E-News - Click Below for Updates

This week's edition of the BASD eNews contains:

*Our 2021-2022 School District Calendar

*Our #BASDproud recipient of the week from Hanover Elementary School

*Information on becoming a BASD substitute teacher

*Upcoming events in the area like the Donatelli Fund Walk and Sign Ups for organizations like the Bethlehem Raiders Football and Cheerleading Clubs

BASD eNews from Dr. Roy - March 26, 2021

Daily Symptom Monitoring Checklist

Please continue to utilize the Daily Symptom Monitoring Checklist. A copy of the document is below.

Message from Dining Services - Breakfast Bags

Starting this week, Dining Services will be sending breakfast bags to our school for all Hybrid students. These breakfast bags will contain 2 breakfasts for each student to take home. Students will still be offered breakfast at school. The breakfast bags will be handed out on Tuesdays for A-Team students and Wednesdays for Z-Team students. All meals in school and those sent home are free of charge.

Feel free to contact Dining Services with any questions regarding the breakfast bags: 610-861-8135.

Asa Packer Attendance - Email Excuse link for Sick Students

Please remember that the below e-mail may be used for attendance excuses.

Kindergarten Registration

The Kindergarten Registration window is open. Please see the attached document.


Health Concerns

If your child was possibly exposed to or is exhibiting COVID symptoms, please contact our health office staff. They will be in contact with you about the various procedures. You can call the school or email them at the addresses below. Both members of our staff should be contacted if you are sending an email.

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