Pediatric Psychiatrist

By: Giselle Ventura

Description of the Occupation

Psychiatrists assist patients with behavioral or emotional disorders by conducting individual or group counseling sessions and, in many cases, by prescribing medication to treat emotional problems caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.

Working Conditions

Great Schedule, but also busy.

Depending on the popularity of the place of work. If many appointments are made then there will be fewer days off of work. But hour wise, usually work during the day, and get home at a good time.

Environment is very calm, and it doesn't involve extreme movements.

Training/ Education Requirements

Doctorate in medicine (M.D. and also the completion of a child psychiatry fellowship training program.

This is the highest level of education that can be acquired.

Since child psychiatry is a medical field, future practitioners must complete an M.D. program at an accredited medical school.

Job Outlook

The BLS predicted that, between 2012 and 2022, open positions for all social workers would grow at a rate of 19%, which is much faster compared to other career fields.

Child, family, and school social workers are also expected to see a fast growth rate of 15%, per the BLS. In 2013.

Salary Range

Family social workers earned an average annual salary of $46,060.

Child Psychiatrist: $182,660 (all psychiatrists)*

School Psychology: $72,710

MEDIAN: $196,982