The road to perserverence

Alex Garber

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is a word used by hard working people that is The definition of how they got where they are today. To many different people perseverance can be big or small. It can be used for whatever you are trying to achieve or your goals in life.

Michael Jordan problem solution

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest hall of famers ever. But how did he get there. The problem was, In high school Jordan faced many rejections one of them was not making the basketball team. The effect it had on Michael was positive and kept working even harder to get to his goal of making the team. And next year he did.

Jackie Robinson compare and contrast

Jackie Robinson was more than just one of a kind he was one of a lifetime. He was the first African american baseball player to make it to the big leagues. He was more than just taunted. He was called racial slurs people attempted to make him look bad and even end his career. But that never stopped Jackie from making history. many people where very skilled and where just as skilled but jackie had the heart and the determanation

Derrick Rose description

Growing up in a place where violence is just as common as people its hard to get noticed and make a life for your self. That didn't let Derrick rose stop him from achieving his goals. he played basketball to stay out of trouble and crime. Today he has influenced millions on the road to success.


Before i can go i want to remind you that being able to persevere through adversity is the best quality to have in life, because that is what life is all about. if you want to be successful adversity is going to get in your way and stop you at all cost. but only the power of perseverance can overcome adversity
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This shows the major improvement and success of Michel Jordan and the improvement he wen tthrough to get where he is.
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Jackie Robinson compare and contrast

this shows how he compared to ereyone in major legue baseball. These are the facts on how he bacame a amazing baseball player