She Steals the Win

By: Sophia Dallal

Mya Lalow, a young girl, broke a time record for the kids time races at Sundown on January ninth 2016. She slipped down the the hill and took off , rocketing down the hill! In the end she broke a time record going backwards down the down the black diamond ,with no injury's! Thats a story!
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Sundown is a skiing place in Dubuque , Iowa. A young girl named Mya Lalow was going Skiing with her older cousin. She watched her older cousin ski backwards, and she thought that was cool. Mya then tried that too but slipped backwards down the black diamond, right when the last race of the kids time race championship started." I was just trying a trick when I slipped and rocketed down the down the black diamond backwards!" Mya Lalow says. " I didn't dare to try to turn around until I was at a complete stop.Then people started charging at me and I thought I was going to get into deep trouble when they started yelling. Once they got closer I heard them yelling, you beat the record , yeah, good job! After all I didn't get in trouble. I just beat a record!

The competition was an all day thing. People came from places like Dubuque Iowa, to places like Wisconsin and Illinois to be in it and see it. The competition was at Sundown.The kids who were in the practiced two times a week for two months. " They all practiced so hard." The coach said. " I just hope Mya Lalow would join next year."

In the end Mya Lalow got a gold medal and did end up joining the Dubuque skii team.