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Teen Vogue Article: "My Life as a Teen Mom" Summation

  • Kirsten Fitzgerald
  • Got pregnant at 17
  • Lost all of her friends, except for a couple close ones
  • The father of the child left her after 4 months into the pregnancy
  • Pressured by her own father to get an abortion
  • Gave birth shortly after her 18th birthday
  • Proceeded to go to nursing school while her mother quit her own job to take care of the child

“It was just so hard... He kept telling me that I was giving up my college experience… that I would never finish.."


Pregnancy Depression

  • 1 in 10 women report being depressed while pregnant
  • Unmarried teenage mothers display higher levels of depressive symptoms in young adulthood- Dr. Ariel Kalil
  • Also, 10% of women experience postpartum depression after childbirth. Postpartum depression affects teen mother more due to their premature body reactions to the physical changes.
  • The highest incident of mothers with postpartum depression, in 2012, were in teen 15-19 years of age. Thats 2x the amount of mothers 25 years and older

Solutions for PPD and Pregnancy Depression

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  • Seek a therapist and support from friends and family
  • Take antidepressants- not while pregnant
  • Hormone rherapy

Generation Her

  • An organization that help pregnant teens/teen mothers by connecting them to communities of other teen and adult mothers.
  • Gives teen mothers a positive place where they can feel loved instead of judged