sean berdy

asl 1 famous deaf person project

where,when ,age,what

* where was Sean Berdy born? Boca, Raton, FL

* when - June 3, 1993

* age - 22

* what does he do now ? actor, does speeches and is a comedian and music videos.

what did he do ?

what did he do ? he was an actor, comedian , and does music videos.

how did he become deaf ? well he was born deaf .

why did he impact the deaf community ? he does motivational speeches and graduations .


interesting facts

some facts about sean berdy

* born deaf

* his first acting was in the sandlot 2

* stars in switch at birth

* he was crowned Mr. deaf teen American in 2010

* he went to Indiana school for the Deaf

a quote by sean berdy

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