By:cooper Gray

Population of Uruguay.

the population of Uruguay is 3.407 million people. thats about as much as Los Angelese.


The country has an impressive legacy of artistic and literary traditions. Uruguay has centuries-old remains and fortresses of the colonial era. Uruguayans enjoy musics such as tango, folk, and waltz as well as local forms such as milonga and murga.


The Uruguayan government is representative democratic, much like the U.S. government witch gives the people a right to vote.

tourist attractions

palacio salvo -The building was originally intended to be a hotel, but this plan didn't work out, and it has since been occupied by a mixture of offices and private residences. The building has a height of 95 m (312 ft). While the set of antennas was at its top, its total height was 100 m (330 ft). The antennas were permanently removed in November 2012. For decades it was the tallest building in South America.
Plaza Independencia- Montevideo's most important plaza. It separates ciudad vejia from downtown Montevideo, with the gateway of the citadel on one side and the beginning of 18 de julio avenue on the other.