With the growing awareness among both men and women about the need for physical fitness and looking good and grooming themselves well, many saloons are thriving across the country. In addition to the skilled staff required in salons like the hair dresser or hair stylist and the make-up expert and the massage therapist, the interiors of the salon too tend to attract and retain customers. This necessitates the requirement for modern, stylish and quality salon equipment.

Salon equipment consists of many small and big things. A few of the major items include salon furniture like barber chairs or barber poles, facial beds or machines, manicure tables, massage tables or beds, spas, styling stations or cabinets, colour centres etc. While most of these salon equipments are costly and generally used in high end salons, some of the essential salon equipments required even in small salons include driers, mirrors, scissors, combs, floor mats, powder tins, face packs, creams and a multitude of other stuff that helps in grooming the customer better.

Most of the salons today opt for high end salon equipment to attract customers and to re-furnish and re-model their existing salons. With customers willing to pay more for the salon services, salons too are trying to provide the best quality for the customers in terms of infrastructure like salon equipment. Most of the salons today have wide spacious receptions areas furnished with plush upholstery and sofas that help customers relax while they wait their turn. Some of them go even for imported salon equipments that offer the best quality and latest styling techniques and cause little or no pain.

With most salons planning to go the unisex model, the requirement for salon equipments also change. Such salons also order more salon equipment, especially the latest trendy ones, compared to the traditional ones.

Salon equipment can be bought by wholesale or retail, depending on quantity needed and the type of equipment needed. Salon equipments are now available online also for sale on popular e-commerce websites like There also dedicated online portals that sell salon equipment like, etc. Stylish looking barber chairs can cost anywhere between $70 dollars to $500 while salon furniture equipments like display shelves and dryer sofas can range from anywhere between $100 to $1500. Salon equipment dealers also offer combo packages wherein the salon owners can decide the combo of equipments needed from a select array.

The modernization of salons with the coming of age of automated, easy to use salon equipments has changed the salon experience and is attracting more and more youngsters who often go by the trendy outlook of these places.