3-5 RLA Newsletter

December 18, 2015

Hi 3-5 RLA Team,

Congratulations! We are just one day away from the end of first semester. We know you and your students have been working tirelessly for the past five months and are more than ready for this two week break. Our final newsletter for 2015 includes instructional tips and one final curriculum survey reminder.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2016 for CPD!

Tamlah and Krysten

Third Quarter Curriculum Adjustment

We received communication from the state that the writing prompt on TNReady Part 1 will be either opinion or informational writing. We have updated the two week TNReady writing unit to reflect that- it is available now on SharePoint.

A few other considerations you might take when planning for TNReady writing:

- We have created a handful of time writing prompt practice tests in myAnet. Use these to have students practice typing and to see how much students can complete in 30-40 minutes. (Test length increases by 5 minutes for each test.) They are in your quiz library and the public preview is linked below. You will need to launch them before your students can take them. If you're unsure how to do this, ask Krysten! Make sure to print student responses and use them to guide your conferences and mini-lessons with students.

- Incorporate an informational writing workstation task each week.

- Partner with your Science/SS teachers at your grade level to have them incorporate informational and/or opinion writing into their work.

Quick note: Students will complete two writing prompts for TNReady Part 1, one is considered operational (will be scored) and the other is not. Some students will receive a narrative prompt- these will not be scored.

Curriculum Survey Reminder

The curriculum survey link is below. Please take this survey if you haven't already!

Guided Reading Tip of the Week

Are you unsure which questions to use during guided reading with students and you want to build up student ability to answer inferential and critical thinking questions? Check out the green, yellow, red questions on pg. 214 in your Next Steps in Guided Reading text!

Common Core Argument/Opinion Writing Prompts

The link below will lead you to resources from Achieve the Core aligned to argument/opinion writing. This also includes helpful student work samples. Check them out!

January 4th CPD

The Achievement Schools team will all come together on January 4th for Winter CPD! See your email from Nataki Gregory on 12/17 for the agenda and necessary prework. We're pumped about our focus on Guided Reading, Action Plans, and collaboration!

Krysten Wendell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction