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April 11-April 15

Please Complete Library Survey

Please take a moment to complete the library survey about our school's library. The information you share will be helpful. So thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. Please click below.

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Click below for the most up-to-date copy of the MAP test schedule. Chromebook cart assignment under the teacher name on the right hand side.

Also, please review this summary of special area classes for the six weeks of MAP testing:

Week 2:

Monday, April 11- Friday, April 15- 4th and 5th Grade switch specials times (all 5 days)

Week 3:

Monday, April 18- Friday, April 22- 3rd and 5th Grade switch special area times (all 5 days)

*Week 4:

Monday, April 25- Wednesday, April 27- No change in special area classes;

Thursday, April 28 & Friday, April 29- 4th and 5th switch special area times

*Week 5:

Monday, May 2 and Tuesday, May 3- 4th and 5th switch special area times

Wednesday, May 4-Friday, May 6- 3rd and 5th switch special area times

Week 6:

Monday, May 9-Friday, May 13- No changes in special area classes

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Please be respectful of those classrooms that are testing:

  • Try to walk around areas that are testing. Think about alternate routes to take.
  • Easels will be placed in hallway to signal a testing area.
  • If you must walk through a testing area, students and staff should be at voice level zero.
  • Do not use the bathrooms at bottom of F Hallway when easels are out at that end of the hall. Use other restrooms.
  • Teachers going to Mr. Jandt for music. Consider taking a loop outside and entering at bottom of F Hallway if weather allows.

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The Week Ahead...

Monday, April 11

Pledge- Deters

Foundation Grants Due

Melissa-Out all day @ CPI Training

K-2 Collaboration- No Guided Collaboration

Tuesday, April 12

Pledge- Deters

MAP Testing- 4th Grade

Kindergarten Field Trip- Adams, Ferguson, Thies

Wednesday, April 13

Pledge- Deters

MAP Testing 4th Grade

Kindergarten Field Trip- Carron, Deters, Turntine

3:40 Grade Chair Meeting

Thursday, April 14

Pledge- Deters

MAP Testing 4th Grade

3-5 Collaboration- No Guided Collaboration

6:15-Title One Night at PVE

7:00 PTO Meeting

Friday, April 15

Pledge- Deters

MAP Testing 4th Grade

Lion Den 2nd/5th

Saturday, April 16

(Incoming) Kindergarten Saturday School at 10:00 a.m.

Do you have students who need extra help?

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Have you shouted out someone for April?

You've Been Shouted Out in March:

Armbruster, Auld, Boyce, Miklich, 3rd Grade Team, 4th grade Team, 5th Grade Team, Hanna, Malay, Brown, Holler, Tevlin, Strokotter, Brewer, Volling, Wagner, Scherder, Schlichter, Johnson, Menz, Eikel, Johnson, Thies, Sonnhalter, Malloy, Abramczyk
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Tweet of the Week: Special Shout Out to K-2 Teachers-Your Work Matters to Our 3-5 Students Making It Where They Are #takesavillage

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