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What poetic terms do you understand?

Personification-is an amianl or non living thing human charaites.Simile- A figuer of speech using like or as. Metphor- A figure of speech not using like or as. Hyperbole- is exagerting the truth. Theme- is the main idea and the messeage.

What do you know about literary non fiction?

A-A literary non fiction has someone life in it and regular non fiction has the meida in it. Biography- is a book about that person life writing by antoher person.Atuobiography- Is a book about someones life writing by that person. Memoir- A part or life in a story. Personal Narrative- A bit or small story mermorises. Diary- A story of someones day.

What are plot elements in ficiton. Cause,Conflict,Setting,Charater,Climax,Theme, Rising & Falling Action because we dont get confused

What is point of veiw of fiction?

1st person-A charater is the narraes of the story& using I,Me Myself.2nd- in which the author use you your author seldomspeaks direclty 2 you. 3rd person-of an outsider looking at the action the reader enters the charachters thought.

What do you know about the tools of reading?

A- it is an educated guess.You would guess at it. so if you get it wrong you know the right anwer.B- Text 2 Text Text 2 Self Text 2 World. So you understand what your reading better.C- The main idea is what the story is about & summary is putting what you jut read into your own words.D- the center toicp. it depends on what the theme is.

What have you learm about garmmar so far this year?

A-Raley& me are alot differnt.Toir, Morgan,Laycee are alot a like. B-please come to the house to night.C-She look arcoss the road so she can cross the road. D-I like that gun. I like that gun maybe i should get a gun like that.E-She and her friends were at the fair.

How is a story told in drama { or film/play}fromifferent from other fiction?

Because drama has more action the fiction