Superintendent's Update

November 2014

Communication: We'd Like To Hear From You!

As a school district we continue to work towards communicating as effectively as possible. We are especially interested in your feedback on how well we are communicating on student learning, available resources and safety. As part of our overall evaluation as a district, we will once again use a survey to gather information from parents. You can access the survey by clicking on this link: The survey will be open until the Monday after Thanksgiving (December 1st). We sincerely appreciate your feedback.

In January 2015 each school will pilot their new school Facebook page as we work to enhance our timely and easily accessible connection with our parent group. Our initial goal through the use of school Facebook is to increase parent knowledge of student learning and existing resources in our schools. Thus, your feedback through the survey as well as through any other form of communication is encouraged and appreciated.


Safety and Security: This week we were informed by the State Department of Education that our grant submission was approved. The grant funding will allow us to increase our surveillance capability. As a district we continue to talk with students about safety as well as practice responses to potential situations. Our general focus on safety and security also involves a focus on the health and wellness of our students. Please reach out to your child's teacher, counseling office, school nurse, or administrator if you have concerns about your child in the area of physical or mental health.

Professional Development: Last week, RSD 13 staff members were involved in a full-day of professional development with a focus on technology learning and integration. The day was designed and delivered by teachers for teachers. Several hands-on sessions were offered and covered topics ranging from data collection and analysis to social media and presentation formats. (The new format of my communication with you is due to my learning last week.) I am constantly reminded of the outstanding professionalism in our district and November 4th was another example of that. Your children deserve the best and we work collaboratively in order to provide it.

Community Connections: In October, Brewster School hosted our second outreach to senior citizens in Durham and Middlefield. The purpose of the visit was to demonstrate, through a series of classroom observations, how technology is used in teaching and learning in the primary grades. The feedback from our senior guests was very positive regarding what they experienced in the classroom as well as the luncheon they enjoyed.

Homecoming at CRHS

This weekend is Homecoming at CRHS. Several events are scheduled to celebrate the amazing school spirit that exits including a full week of Spirit Week activities, a bonfire on Friday night, the Homecoming Football game on Saturday and the dance on Saturday night. We hope that it is truly a homecoming for our recent and "not so recent" graduates.