Genetically Modified Organisms

Health risks and benefits

What is a Genetically Modified Food?

  1. Genetically organisms can be defined as organisms, plants, animals or microorganisms, in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating and/or natural recombination.

Benefits of GMO's.

  • Creating plants better resistant to weeds, pest and other diseases; such as corn
  • Corn is the most important and widely grown grain in the United States.however, corn cannot reproduce without human aid.
  • Corn is also vulnerable to many pests and diseases, and corn requires a lot of nutrients.
  • Bigger yields to create more efficient use of land, less uses of herbicides and other pesticides.
  • Foods with better texture, flavor and nutritional value.Foods with a longer shelf life for easier shipping

Risks of GMO's

  • Resistant Weeds
  • Higher Levels Of Plant Estrogens
  • Unknown Toxins
  • Risk Of Negative Interactions
  • No Long Term Research

Opinion on GMO's

I believe that GMO's could have a very positive effect because they can be produced much faster and more efficiently. Along with using GMO's I think they should be labeled for people that don't want to take the risks that they bring.