Learning Together Conference

February 11th and 12th, 2016

List of great classes that we attended!

In order to share and remember all of the great classes that we were blessed to attend this conference, please add your links, notes, and any pictures that you may have!
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The only person you ever need compare yourself to is the you who you were yesterday.

The Evolution of a Desk

5th grade

We had so much fun this year at the Learning Together Conference!
Amanda Reedy, SHE and Mary Carnes, LPE presented how to teach science lessons in 3 easy steps! Check out their slides by clicking on the link.

For questions, please email Mary Carnes or Amanda Reedy.


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Techno Style- Digital Formative Assessment

This class was taught by one of our district coaches, Cathy Hill. She shared how to give quizzes online and have a report sent to you on how each student performed.

See this video on how to use Flubaroo with Google Forms to make grading quizzes/assessments much quicker!

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Poll Everywhere


Differentiated Instruction through Social Media

This class was taught by a specialists, John McCarthy. Here's a webinar on DI that he does for free. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Grd_ozJQE_E

Questions: If you have any questions about differentiating for your students that you would like to ask him, you may contact him by Twitter (@JMcCarthyEdS). His website, Opening Paths (http://openingpaths.org/) is a resource for many on improving student achievement through better pedagogy and instructional practices.

His class that I took on Differentiated Instruction was helpful because he shared about the following:

1. using EdPuzzle, which is a program that let's you upload a video and ask questions during the video to see how the students are understanding what they are watching.

2. using http://www.bgfl.org/virtualdice for reviewing key vocabulary words,

3. using RAFTS to help understand themes in writing,

Here's a picture.

4. A resource page on the different Ways to use social media and how to differentiate in your classroom. This was my most valuable take-away from the class!