Denton Dolphin News

October 3, 2021

Message from Dr. Simmons

Dear Families,

There are currently various social media challenges affecting school campuses across the

nation. In September, a viral trend called “Devious Licks” encouraged students to steal or

damage items on school property and then post photos or videos online. This behavior

impacted several schools in Caroline, resulting in a significant cost to replace damaged or stolen

property and maintenance and custodial staff time to repair or replace equipment.

It has recently come to our attention that there are more challenges posted on social media

that span the remainder of this school year, and we are reaching out to our families to enlist

your help. These are not harmless pranks; most, if not all of the challenges, have the potential

to result in serious consequences including suspension, expulsion, police involvement and

monetary fines.

Please talk with your children about these challenges, and how harmful and destructive they

can be to other people and property. Also stress with them how much is at stake for students

considering participation. If you or your child feel the need to report a potential violation

connected to a social media trend, contact your school administrator.

We appreciate your support in this matter and look forward to working with you to encourage

a positive school culture.

Dr. Derek L. Simmons

Interim Superintendent

Please Keep Students with Symptoms of Illness at Home

Please Keep Students with Symptoms of Illness at Home

We are doing our very best to keep students in school but we need the help of our families. We are finding that some students who come to school with symptoms of illness are then testing positive for COVID-19. This leads to having to identify close contacts who then must be quarantined, meaning more students are missing school.

PLEASE help us keep students safe and in school as much as possible. Keep your child at home if they have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness or have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

Meals During Quarantine

Students who are not in school due to being quarantined as still eligible for free meals. Families interested in receiving meals may complete a form attached below.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Caroline County Public Schools Food Services, 410-479-3261.

The form also has information about Caroline Helping Hands which is a volunteer-based organization in partnership with Caroline County Public Schools, serving the children of Caroline County with holiday & weekend food bags.

If requested on the form, this program will provide children in need with a nutritious care pack of food to have as a supplement for weekend meals. This program is provided by generous donations and will continue to serve the community as long as funding is available. This program is absolutely FREE, there is no cost to the family.

Afterschool Tutoring Available for Quarantined Students

Quarantined students in need of help with assignments may now connect with a tutor at their school.

  • Elementary School: 4:00 to 5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, beginning Thursday, September 23

  • Middle school hours: 3:00 to 4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, beginning Thursday, September 23

  • High school hours: information coming soon – check the next Principal’s Newsletter

Zoom links for tutors may be found on student’s Google Classroom.


Parents, please visit the DES webpage to see what your child will be learning during the month of October. Go to and click on Grade Level Newsletters on the blue bar to see all the upcoming topics to be addressed. Each month, grade level teams will share their monthly curriculum foci with you.

Also, check out the DES Facebook page for Dolphins of the Week! We are so proud of these students who consistently SWIM for success!


Mid-term: October 4

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment: Continues through October 10

Grade 4 ELA MCAP: October 6 -7

Grade 5 ELA MCAP: October 8 and 11

PTA Meeting: Tuesday, October 12

Interims Home: October 13

No School: October 15

Half-Day: October 29


End of Quarter 1: November 5

Half-Day: November 5

Denton Elementary is a Title I School

Vision of Excellence:

The Denton Elementary School family will promote the core values of S.W.I.M. by supporting a challending curriculum, honoring individuality, and working collaboratively.