The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

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What's this book about? Does it have action? Is it good?

I rate this book 5 stars.

This book was excellent, not just in the story, but in the writing. Rick Riordan is such an exceptional writer. He ties reality and the Greek/Roman gods together perfectly in all of his series that he has written. This book was about three heroes, Jason, Piper, and Leo. Jason is a Roman demigod, his godly parent is Jupiter (Zeus.) Piper and Leo are both Greek demigods. Piper's godly parent is Aphrodite, and Leo's is Hephaestus. A demigod is a half human, half Greek/Roman god. The three heroes had to go on a quest to save the queen goddess, Hera or Juno for the Romans. Hera had been taken by Gaea's (Mother Earth) forces and she was being hidden. Hera had taken Jason from the Roman demigod camp and she temporarily took his memory so he couldn't go back to the Roman camp. Jason, Piper, and Leo were taken to Camp Half-Blood by a Greek demigod named Annabeth. They set off from Camp Half-Blood on a golden dragon named Festus. They traveled across many states searching for Hera. They faced many hardships and they had to fight many monsters. They finally reached Hera and had to fight numerous monsters to get to her. They freed Hera and Jason slowly began to regain his memory. There are three other books after The Lost Hero and one is being written at the moment. It comes out fall of 2014.