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Henry, the Gracious King Made the Choice!

The Story Behind

Henry was the second son of the tudor line, Henry VII, and only got the throne 'cuz his brother died in time. His remarried the royal widow, we all know the spanish Catherine, and stayed with her for the last 24 years (which IS a long time for us henrians). Now, hery here wanted a male heir so much (imagine how much he slept with her!) that he got annoyed with "that queen". Now, he fested eyes with a pretty girl (or so he thought)- Anne Boleyn. It is very typical of him, since he fell for her sister once. Henry acted like a top dog and made Anne Boyeln's life miserable- disagreed her marriage, write her pointless letters and made the country's queen hate her (see pg 7 for more information). In conclusion, she couldn't stand it and married him-or so she says.

Bolyen's Secret

Now there was believed another reason why Anne Boyeln married Henry. Rumours says that she is an secret protestant, persuading our king to change the country's religion. Unacceptable! in fact, people also told us that the person who made this divorce even possible, Thomas Crapper(the archbishop of Canterbury), is also a secret protestant. People are now very unsettled and other nasty rumours are spreading-even now.

What does Henry say?

"I shall reufuse to believe this talk," our Majsty says, "Nonsence! Our citizens are very unstablised in this time of crisis. I speak, I promise you that the time of peace shall come. My Anne Boleyn shall give me a male heir-in fact, my child with come very shortly!"

To sum up, it seems that Our King doesn't seem to believe it. Wait for the next issue, as we will be revealing the very fact about Our new Queen!