Canadian charter of rights

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Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms

Canadian Charter of rights guarantee rights and freedom, subject in reasonable limit demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; a short documentary

Fundamental Freedoms

Freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, opinion ,expression, peaceful assembly, and association.

Democratic Rights

Every citizen has the right to vote for any person house of commons or of a legislative assembly. No person in the house of commons or a legislative assembly can continue for than five years. In time of real or apprehended war ,or invasion government will continue. There will be a meeting for parliament at least twelve mouths.

Mobility Rights

Any person can leave or enter Canada, and if you live in Canada you can move from province to province.
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Legal Right

Everyone has the right to live with security unless you do a crime. Everyone has right to protect their house. Everyone is able to go to jail if have done something wrong. Everyone has the right to arrest people and to go to detention. You can b charged for break the law but you are able to fight for your freedom. Anyone can suspect thing that someone did against the law. Any witness does not have to come up as evidence. Any witness that is deaf or can not speak English can get help to translate and tell ha they saw.

Equality Rights

Every person has equal right has the right for equal protection, equal benefit of the law, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, gender, age mental and/or physical disability.

Official Languages of Canada

English and French are the official languages of Canada, every government debates and printing will be done in English and french.Any person of Canada can communicate with info or government things are to be spoken in English or French. But you can still speak your languages with people that speak it too and in your home.

Educational Rights

Every child has the right to be educated. kids primary and secondary school instruction in the language of the English or French linguistic minority population of a province.


If something in the Charter of right has been infringed you can apply to court. If someone broke the law and you have evidence. If the person is guilty he will be fined or sent to jail.
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The charter will be used to help the multicultural of Canada. Male and female will be treated fairly. Nothing in the charter of rights of Canada gives more power to a body or authority.

Application of Charter

This charter applies to the government of Canada and the provincial government.